Blaupunkt celebrates its 100th anniversary by expanding its retail presence

Celebrating 100 years of journey with technological advancement, Blaupunkt, a German audio brand, marks a significant achievement in shaping the audio landscape since 1924.

● Blaupunkt, operating in 100+ countries, earns the esteemed “Brand of the Century” title for its diverse product line comprising audio gear, TVs, and car sound systems, reflecting its enduring impact and excellence.

● Blaupunkt TVs. one of the licensees to partner with 30 major retail chains in India’s LFR sector by FY25, expanding into General Trade and aiming for significant market share.

New Delhi, 24th April 2024: Blaupunkt, a German technology enriched audio brand, marks a significant milestone as it celebrates its 100th anniversary. Since its inception in 1924, the brand has been a beacon of pioneering spirit, introducing groundbreaking inventions and innovations that have shaped the audio landscape. From creating the world’s first car radio to launching internet radios and a myriad of other innovations, Blaupunkt’s relentless commitment to technological advancement has earned it a revered position in the industry.

As a globally recognised brand operating in over 100 countries, Blaupunkt’s diverse product range, including audio equipment, televisions, and car sound systems, has consistently set benchmarks for excellence. This unparalleled journey has bestowed upon Blaupunkt the prestigious title of “Brand of the Century,” a testament to its enduring impact and consumer trust.

Frank Goergen, Manager and Board Member, Talisman Brands Luxembourg Sàrl/Blaupunkt Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Blaupunkt is truly an honor, and I couldn’t be more excited to thank our incredible partners, dedicated employees, and loyal customers who have supported us throughout the years. From our humble beginnings in Germany in 1924 to becoming a globally recognized brand in technology and innovation, this milestone represents a century of hard work, dedication, and passion for excellence. As we reflect on our rich history and look towards the future, we are grateful for the relationships built and the trust that has been placed in us. To all who have contributed to our success – thank you! We are committed to continuing to provide top-notch products and services that exceed expectations and drive us towards even greater achievements in the next 100 years. Join us in celebrating this momentous occasion as we toast to a century of excellence!

On the same lines, Blaupunkt TVs, one of its licensees, is planning to collaborate with 30 prominent retail chains in India’s Large Format Retail (LFR) sector by FY25, marking a significant milestone as they celebrate their 100-year journey. The brand is also diversifying into General Trade (GT), with plans to establish at least 1000 billing counters for Blaupunkt by the end of this year. Looking ahead in the global market is a pivotal aspect of the company’s strategic vision. Once the new manufacturing plant is operational, it will be well-positioned to venture into international markets.

Mr. Avneet Singh Marwah, CEO, Blaupunkt Tvs – “We are happy to be able to contribute to the vision of Blaupunkt TVs by making its products more accessible to customers nationwide. We plan to add more to this 100 years journey by expanding our presence in both offline and online markets and achieving our goal of capturing approximately 3% to 5% of the market with new products and eyeing a 9-10 per cent share in the 4K QLED segment in the current fiscal year itself.”

“This expansion marks a significant achievement, driven by the support of our customers. With products now available in retail stores, consumers can conveniently experience them firsthand. We extend our gratitude to Blaupunkt TV’s loyal customers, partners, and employees for their support throughout this remarkable endeavour. Additionally, our commitment to ‘Make in India’ further strengthens our bond with the nation and reinforces our dedication to local manufacturing and employment opportunities.”, he further added.

Sukhesh Madaan, CEO, Blaupunkt Audio India 100 years! Now that is something just a handful of brands globally can claim. Blaupunkt’s strides through these hundred years have been large and impactful. A legacy as large as this can only be built on technology, performance and reliability. Today, Blaupunkt continues to build on its pillars of strength with newer technologies, products and categories. What thrills me even more is being a part of the journey ahead. While we continue to develop new products to meet tomorrow’s consumer needs, right now it is time to celebrate. The plan is to make this year a festival of new launches, promotions and offers. Everyone is invited to this party!

In India, Blaupunkt’s legacy is deeply rooted in its superior car audio systems, captivating the hearts of Generation X and Millennials alike. Since its resurgence in 2017, the brand has expanded its portfolio to include personal and home audio products, smart televisions, and advanced car entertainment systems. In just seven years, Blaupunkt has emerged as a leader in each segment, both online and offline, thanks to its unwavering dedication to innovation and quality.

Innovation remains the cornerstone of Blaupunkt’s success. From introducing Dolby sound bars and Noise Cancellation headphones to leading the compact soundbar revolution and spearheading the Type C revolution, Blaupunkt continues to redefine the audio experience for consumers worldwide. In the smart television segment, Blaupunkt has introduced numerous features tailored to the Indian market’s needs. With models across various price points, all united by a commitment to quality, Blaupunkt has set new standards in smart television technology.

In the car audio segment, Blaupunkt has seamlessly integrated into the Indian market, unveiling a range of premium car entertainment systems and establishing a robust network of dealers committed to the brand’s hallmark of quality. As Blaupunkt commemorates its centennial anniversary, it looks ahead to new frontiers, including e-bikes, digital wearables, personal care, gaming, and AI-powered products. With its unwavering commitment to excellence, Blaupunkt promises an even more extraordinary future for the next hundred years.

Pankaj Jagwani, CEO, Blaupunkt Car Audio, Blaupunkt has always been the car audio system that generations drooled for. After all it was Blaupunkt that innovated and built the first Car Radio way back in 1939. And it was the first to cross over 1 million systems. One hundred years later and Blaupunkt has the same sheen and desirability. To keep consistently delivering top class performance for a century is a fantastic achievement. And I don’t see us slowing down ever. In fact, this year Blaupunkt is shifting gears and putting its foot on the pedal. We are going to fill the coming year with more surprises than you can imagine. New launches, new technologies, new designs… we have it all coming. The celebrations have started!

Blaupunkt expressed gratitude to all who have supported them throughout their 100-year journey. The milestone represents not only a celebration of the past achievements but also a promise of continued innovation and excellence.

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