Boon Dives into Collaboration with Niti Aayog’s Aatmanirbhar Bharat for Water Innovation

The Partnership aims to empower urban local bodies to make informed decisions in water distribution and usage.

National, September 11, 2023: Boon, the IoT-enabled global water-tech startup, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with India’s prestigious policy think-tank, ‘Niti Aayog,’ through the Aatmanirbhar Bharat ARISE-ANIC program.

This strategic partnership is aimed at harnessing impactful research and innovation within the water sector to develop cutting-edge solutions for efficient water resource management, waste prevention, and the reduction of leakage and theft.

The primary objective is to revolutionize India’s water management landscape by leveraging advanced technologies to tackle critical challenges like water leakage and unauthorized usage. According to a study conducted by ASSOCHAM, a staggering 40% of water supply is lost due to leakage and theft, underscoring the urgent need for innovative interventions.

In pursuit of this goal, Boon has been working in tandem with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs to create water pressure sensing systems capable of real-time monitoring of water supply lines. These sophisticated systems will play a pivotal role in identifying leaks, detecting illegal activities, and optimizing planned pressure in water distribution networks. Boon’s commitment and expertise have earned recognition from NITI Aayog, which has graciously nominated Boon to lead the charge in providing innovative solutions to confront and conquer the pressing water crisis that looms large.

Dr. Vibha Tripathi, MD of Boon, shared her thoughts on this partnership, stating, “This collaboration signifies the potential of partnerships to drive positive change in water management. Our expertise aligns perfectly with Niti Aayog’s innovative approach to sustainable drinking water solutions. Our mission is to pool our resources to foster technological advancements in the sector.”

As India’s premier think-tank, Niti Aayog has played a pivotal role in promoting sustainability and effective water management while spearheading initiatives for water conservation in the country. The organization actively encourages the adoption of groundbreaking water-saving technologies, paving the way for a more water-secure and environmentally friendly future.

Through this partnership, Boon aims to empower municipal authorities, water supply agencies, and communities at large to make informed decisions regarding water distribution and usage. This initiative contributes significantly to the conservation of this invaluable resource and marks a significant milestone in Boon’s journey to #BetteryourWater. It continues to drive innovation, foster sustainability, and build a future where water is managed wisely and responsibly.

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