BrowserStack – Company Profile

Founded in 2011, BrowserStack is the world’s leading cloud-based software testing platform. Users can test their software across both web and mobile applications. With online accessibility to thousands of devices and various OS and browsers, companies no longer need to invest heavily on developing complex and costly in-house testing infrastructure.

As things stand now, there are thousands of distinct devices, close to two dozen operating systems and eight major browser engines. This presents significant challenges for companies that need to have a professional looking website or app.

BrowserStack comes across as the perfect solution, as it allows development teams to test their websites and mobile applications in a comprehensive manner. The tests can be performed to detect issues across performance, functionality and visual appearance. In effect, BrowserStack is the key to ensuring a good user experience.

BrowserStack – History

The idea for BrowserStack came to the founders when they were trying to build a website for their consulting business. They were surprised to see that the website had to be tested across multiple devices and browsers. This involved significant time and effort, something that prompted the founders to look for a tech-based solution. With much of the industry facing the same basic problem, the founders felt that a dedicated cross browser testing platform can itself be a successful business venture. With these factors in mind, BrowserStack was launched in 2011.

Over the years, BrowserStack has expanded its footprint across the globe. It has 6 million developer sign ups, 19 global data centers, more than 3000 real devices and browsers and 1000+ employees. BrowserStack performs around 1 billion tests per year. It has the world’s top brands as its clients such as NVIDIA, Tesco, Shell, Discovery, Wells Fargo, Adidas, MasterCard, Warner Media, and Amazon.

BrowserStack – Funding

BrowserStack has received funding worth $250 million. Some of the key investors include Accel, Bond and Insight Partners. In 2021, BrowserStack became a Unicorn, after securing $200 million in Series B funding with a valuation of USD 4 billion.

BrowserStack – Competitors

Some of the key competitors of BrowserStack include Katalon, Tricentis, OpenText, Parasoft, SmartBear, Worksoft, Telerik Test Studio,, Perforce, Opkey and Applitools.

BrowserStack – Acquisitions

Three major acquisitions have been made by BrowserStack in recent years. Percy, a visual testing and review platform, was acquired in 2020. In 2021, BrowserStack acquired Nightwatch, a platform for writing automated UI tests. In 2022, BrowserStack acquired GreyAtom. It is focused on providing industry relevant programs on new and emerging technologies.

BrowserStack – About the Founders

BrowserStack was founded by Ritesh Arora and Nakul Aggarwal. Ritesh currently serves as the CEO at BrowserStack. He is a serial entrepreneur and has launched multiple companies in the past. Ritesh is an alumnus of IIT Bombay. Co-founder Nakul Aggarwal currently serves as the CTO at BrowserStack. Nakul is also a serial entrepreneur and has launched multiple cutting-edge companies. He is an alumnus of IIT Bombay.

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