Cancer cases on the rise the daily lifestyle choices are adding to the risk

Malignancy rates are unquestionably on the rise these days, affecting millions of people worldwide. While some risk factors are beyond our control, such as genetics and age, a substantial fraction of cancer cases can be attributed to modifiable lifestyle habits.

Identifying these risk factors and making conscious choices can encourage individuals to reduce their cancer risk and promote overall well-being. The accelerating global malignance burden is a reason for immediate concern, with estimates indicating a 77% increase in new cancer cases by 2050, reaching over 20 million.

Hidden risk factors that can cause cancer:

  1. Environmental Factors- Acquaintance to environmental contaminants, such as air pollution and certain chemicals, can promote growth of carcinogenic cells.
  2. Alcohol Consumption- Extreme liquor consumption is a substantial threat factor for numerous cancers, including mouth, throat, and liver.
  3. Nutritional Choices- One of the major risk factors for cancer is consuming diet high in processed foods, red meat, and detrimental fats which can lead to various cancers such as prostate, lung and colorectal cancers.
  4. Physical Inactivity- A sedentary regime is associated with an intensified risk of several cancers like breast, colon and endometrial.
  5. Smoking- The link between smoking and cancer Is incontrovertible. Tobacco intake is a starring risk cause for many cancers, like head and neck, lung, and bladder cancers.

Though prevention is better than cure, continuing a healthy lifestyle can be exceptionally challenging for those fighting cancer or recovering from surgery.  However, prioritizing choices can improve their recovery process and reduce recurrence:

  1. Patients should opt for whole grains, lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables to provide the body with necessary nutrients for healing and robust immune functions.
  2. Patients recovering from cancer should be involved in mild and gentle physical activities, as advised by the doctor. This helps to retrieve fast, reduce fatigue, and can boost immunity.
  3. Patients should be encouraged to incorporate stress-management activities like meditation, yoga, or nature walks into their daily routines. This will help strengthen their recovery and can possibly lower the risk of recurrence.

Fighting back: Prevention and Early Detection

We can radically impact our risk of developing cancer by embracing healthy lifestyle choices. Some pre-emptive measures includes:

  1. Smoking cessation is essential, regardless of how long you have smoked
  2. Obesity is one of the major risk factors for several cancers, maintaining healthy weight is important to fight against the ailment
  3. Moderation or abstinence from alcohol is recommended
  4. Safeguard your skin from extreme sun exposure by wearing sun cream and seeking shade
  5. Schedule doctor suggested cancer screenings according to your age and risk factors

By adopting healthy lifestyle, we can empower ourselves to moderate cancer risk, support recovery after treatment and create a positive approach to protecting our overall health and wellbeing. Although some cancer may have obvious risk factors, our daily life choices hold immense power in defining our health destiny.

Take charge of your health and make informed decisions and choices for a healthier and brighter future.


~ Dr. Satish Sharma, Consultant – Medical Oncology, HCG Cancer Centre, Ranchi

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