Candytoy Corporate to set up a third manufacturing unit in Indore

Fifth plastic promotional toy factory in India

Indore, 20th April 2024: Candytoy Corporate Pvt Ltd (CTC), the largest manufacturer of plastic promotional toys and confectionery, has announced that it will be opening a new 82000 sq. ft. production facility in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. This will be Candy Toy Corporate’s 2nd such facility in Indore city that will employ 900 people to bring an entirely new product range of inflatable toys and plush toys.

Within just four years of its inception CTC, headquartered in Indore, today boasts a production capacity of 10.5 million candy Toys per day through strict quality control with over 250 machines in its four factories at Indore, Delhi & Hyderabad, employing over 1000 people. The new plant will be its 5th in India.

Mr. Gaurav Mirchandani, Director, Candytoy Corporate Pvt Ltd said “All our current facilities are working at full capacity. We have seen a 30% growth in orders Year on year for the past 2 years now. This plant will help us not just in catering to the growth in demand but also bring a newer product line. We have invested 5 million USD (Rs 35 cr.) in this new facility and expect production to start in the next two months”.

CTC today exports to Europe, the US, African countries, Turkey, South Africa, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait & UAE among others.

CTC’s two units in Indore are spread across 1 lakh sq. ft. and 60,000 sq. ft. The plant in Delhi is 26,000 sq. ft. and the plant in Hyderabad is 20,000 sq. ft.. With this addition Candytoy corporate boasts of a total of 2,88,000 sq. ft. area spread across three states in India. The company also employs 11 contractual manufacturers.

“We have been able to make a significant impact in the Indian promotional toy market. reducing dependence on Chinese imports and creating local employment opportunities” further added Gaurav.

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