Casio fx-CG50 Graphing Calculator, a perfect tool for IB board students and science professionals alike

Over the years, Casio calculators have gained widespread recognition in India for their quality products, intuitive user interface, and extensive feature set. Considering the demand FX-CG50from a diverse set of consumers who use scientific calculators, the Casio fx-CG50 Graphing Calculator stands out in the programmable calculator segment. It caters to IB Board students studying Standard Level (SL) and High Level (HL) mathematics, as well as professionals using advanced mathematics for calculus, physics, and similar subjects. With this model, Casio has set a high standard for the industry in mathematical and statistical computations.

The Casio fx-CG50 graphing calculator is a powerful and versatile machine catering to a myriad of mathematical and statistical needs. This compact device boasts an extensive array of features that streamline complex calculations and facilitate graphical representations with precision and efficiency.

Here are several exceptional options that you’ll undoubtedly find immensely beneficial:

Ability to revisit up to 3 previous calculations at once, and it retains its memory if you switch it back on, so you can go back to where you were at the last step
Advanced Statistics- It can perform multi-variable analysis, regression calculations, and plot various statistical graphs. Advanced statistical tests and interval calculations provide valuable insights into data which you can visualize in the form of histograms, scatter plots and other visual mediums.
2D Graphing- Plot a maximum of 20 functions- Highly useful if you need to plot inequalities in decision module with HL or Further Maths. With this you can easily find maxima, minima, points of intersections, areas between curves. This comes extremely handy for all the ‘sketch the curve’ questions in exams.
G-Solve feature- The feature admired by teachers globally. It helps you to easily solve problems involving intersection, roots and integrations. You can solve up to x^6 or simultaneous equations up to 6 unknowns
3D graphing- Textbooks make it difficult to understand 3d graphs, but with Explore feature on CG-50, you can learn solid figures. You can plot lines and planes (upto 3 things) at once, find intersection points and really useful for vectors and volumes of revolution in HL
Innovative Color Display- The color strains along with natural textbook display helps you write different colors with different equations. It boasts of a Color Link function which automatically links colors used in spreadsheet to corresponding figures in graphs. It enables visual confirmation of dynamic changes in values or trends
Conversions- You can toggle between different angle units – degrees, radians or gradians
Inverse functions- Inverse trigonometric functions and inverse hyperbolic functions are available along with regular ones
Add-ons- You can install games like tetris and have fun along with pre-installed Math Apps
Security- Add your own username and password, and keep your device secure just like your smartphone
Power and Connectivity- It is equipped with multiple connectivity options, including USB and serial ports. Its dot matrix display ensures clarity, while the device’s durable build and efficient power management with AAA battery ensures uninterrupted usage during extended sessions

Although engineering students are not allowed programmable calculators in exams, graphing calculators serve as useful tools for advanced studies. They enable self-practice by facilitating tasks such as cumulative binomial distribution and can store up to 26 matrix and vector values simultaneously. Additionally, they offer various advanced computational and graphing capabilities, all within a handheld device.

With a highly competitive price of INR 13,995, the Casio fx-CG50 graphing calculator is a powerful device that facilitates basic to advanced arithmetic functions as well as corresponding graphing needs. Its advanced features and user-friendly interface make it an indispensable tool for advanced Mathematics. In the realm of education, it becomes the preferred choice for SL & HL studies in IB Boards. It is also recommended for Further Mathematics, A-Level Mathematics, and ACT, SAT, PSAT studies abroad. This calculator range is accessible at nearby stationery shops, the Casio India Shop, and leading e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart.

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