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2022 will continue to be a year of trial, exploration and growth for the event industry

Among the countless difficulties covid-19 has brought upon business, there is little doubt that 2021 continued to disrupt the world of events. The past two years have truly tested the flexibility and agility of planners across the globe as it saw mass cancellations of many prominent festivals, international shows, sporting events, exhibitions and concerts in order to mitigate the spread of ... Read More »

How heatwaves threaten nuclear plants?

There’s a reason behind Nuclear plants built near water. To keep the plant from getting dangerously hot they are built close to water. They suck up water from the nearby rivers, oceans or lakes around which they’re built. It needs lots of water to operate. Nowadays, climate change has caused an increase in heat waves making the water hotter than ... Read More »

ITSM – a major requirement to start a digital transformation journey and ensure high ROI

By Satish Kumar V CEO EverestIMS Technologies IT Service Management can be a key differentiator among enterprises as it provides the agility, improves inter department communication and automation power to manage various business needs and situations. At its core, it is IT delivered as a service and encompasses processes, systems, support, and delivery, i.e., the end-to-end delivery of IT services. ... Read More »

Bitcoin vs altcoins

How can you be sure that you’re choosing the right option when there are a lot of alternatives to choose from? To differentiate and make the right choice we’ve listed some of the key points stating the difference between the two. Bitcoins are the original cryptocurrencies. They gave birth to the blockchain revolution. It made the transaction more secure and ... Read More »

Best ways to earn Instagram followers

You’re missing out on a lot many things if you aren’t using Instagram just yet. It’s a paradise for those who want to show off their brand, stand out and boost their business. With over more than 400 million regular users, Instagram is a place where tons of creative and competitive brands. To grow your business by earning more followers ... Read More »

PNB Metlife’s Mera Term Plan provides COVID-19 Claim

When you purchase term insurance, you are joining hands with a life insurance product that serves you the medical policy claims for a fixed duration of time. You get a premium based on a medical examination, and your age and life expectancy are also taken into consideration. PNB Metlife’s online term plan is an easy-to-access insurance plan which comes under ... Read More »

How to Manage Timelines and Deliverables

Timelines are essential to the success of any project. Timelines help teams operate more efficiently by giving everyone a clear picture of the project at every stage. In addition, timelines act as a guide for determining a project’s direction and priorities. Deliverables are quantifiable goods or services that must be made or done at the end of a project. A ... Read More »