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5 traits of a future ready HRtech software

In order to provide organisations with the best human capital and achieve the best results, human resource management (HR) deals with people. It must also ensure that employees have a better working environment. As we deal with the effect of post-pandemic, businesses are embracing the idea of remote labour more and more. Furthermore, finding, attracting, hiring, and retaining people who ... Read More »

Founder and Chairman of Enso Group Vinay Maloo looks excited with yet another company Enso Global Trading.

In 2021, they incepted Enso Global Trading, which serves as an international trading solutions provider dealing in industry-related products. Enough has been spoken about a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners walking their way to the top, making sure to create a motivational journey for others in the world. Among these, there are a few who ensure to shine bright ... Read More »

Brandcasting’s Founder Prateek Chandani Explains, Why Brand Building and PR Articles Is Necessary for The Growth of a Business

Media analysts, regulators and policy influencers, customers and shareholders are all essential groups that determine corporate results, and public relations is increasingly about engaging credibly with them. It is a critical component in sustaining an organization’s brand’s power and value to all stakeholders. All aspects of a corporate brand, from tone and personality to functional and emotional advantages, core message ... Read More »

What does Responsible Use of AI in Businesses mean Today?

Artificial Intelligence is no longer just a cliched topic in the entertainment world. AI today has developed into a ‘must-have’ for every vertical from the government to basic applications on our gadgets. The use and dependency of AI especially in businesses have increased multifold, be it for understanding the customers or developing new products to suit the needs of the ... Read More »

New to investments? Try Index Funds

Over the past decade or so, mutual funds have become a popular investment option for both new and old investors. However, the sheer plethora of choices can be bewildering to new investors who do not have the experience or the know-how to understand which fund would be best suited for them. Financial experts today advise new investors to try index ... Read More »

JIC Group of Companies announced Indian Cricketer Sanju Samson as their Global Ambassador

The signing of Sanju Samson is observed to open new market heights for JIC in India and leading business nations. Making new heights in GCC and major Asian countries through innovative services, Jobin International Company has taken a leap with their brand by signing the Indian Cricketer Sanju Samson as their brand-new Global Ambassador. The joining of the Indian Cricketer ... Read More »

Right IoT Security Assessment Helps Keeping Endpoint Devices Safe

The speed with which IoT has been accepted as the go-to technology by the world is surprisingly fast and this acceptance is only seen spreading to all verticals and organizations of all sizes. Today all the devices being used in our lives are either connected to or through IoT. While this has eased our experience with technology and provided more ... Read More »

5 Trends that Will Drive the MSP Market in 2023

As 2022 ends, MSPs are assembling their plans for 2023. The plans that work will tap into trends that are developing over the next 12 months. What are they? Here are five major trends that will shape the MSP market in 2023. 1: Consolidation will be top of mind Last year saw increasing consolidation in the MSP market, with more ... Read More »

Start today building your personal brand: Deepak Pareek

“Start today building your personal brand” said the Content Creator & Entrepreneur Deepak Pareek who, as a Keynote Speaker, was addressing young audience at the event – “Creators Camp 2.0” organized by GLA University, Mathura. Deepak Pareek spoke about personal branding and the power of starting early. Since he was addressing a bunch of college students, he told them to ... Read More »

Why are Objectives and Key Results (OKR) concepts required for successful Businesses?

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) may be a game-changing capability in today’s fast-changing environment. OKR encourages experimentation, continual learning, and open cooperation. When teams are authorized to make choices, everyone must understand the strategic emphasis and business alignment. This is critical for groups and individuals to succeed and generate results. According to a survey done by the IBM Institute for ... Read More »