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How A U.S. Debt Default Will Affect Americans?

With United States debt at an all-time high, economists are sounding the alarm bells. Estimates indicate that the US could default by as soon as June 01. The US Dollar being the global reserve currency, the impact will be felt across the globe. The US debt default is a situation where the debt ceiling has been breached. If the debt ... Read More »

Is Duopoly Good Or Bad For Consumers?

Duopoly is a situation where the market for a specific product or service is largely split between two companies. Some common examples include Coca-Cola and Pepsi, Apple and Samsung (manufacturing), Visa and Mastercard, Boeing and Airbus, Apple and Microsoft (Desktop OS), and iOS and Android (Mobile OS). Duopoly may be unavoidable in specific sectors, but they can have a negative ... Read More »

Unmatched Tax Benefits of Investing in NPS

An impending challenge employees or workers may face in India, is the risk of inadequate pension arrangements after retirement from work. As a fallout, individuals may either be required to put severe curbs on their post-retiral expenses or continue working beyond the retirement age. Therefore, it is essential that one should take early and active steps towards planning, saving and ... Read More »

Seven benefits of Health Insurance that you may not know.

Health Insurance is necessary for everyone. Nowadays more people are opting for medical insurance as the awareness about Health Insurance has increased. However, the knowledge about the benefits of Health Insurance is still not demystified completely. There are more things that Health Insurance covers than many people know. Here are some of the benefits of Health Insurance that many people ... Read More »

How To Spot Fake Dollar Notes?

Counterfeit money is a big problem in several countries, even when current generation currency notes have multiple security features. The US dollar faces the biggest threat, as it is accepted in most parts of the world. As per estimates, around $70 million counterfeit US dollars are in circulation. Real numbers could be even higher, as the estimates are based on ... Read More »

What Happens When A Country Becomes Bankrupt?

Just like individuals and corporates, nations can also become bankrupt. It happens when a country does not have money to pay its debts or the interest applicable on its debts. Nations also issue foreign-currency-denominated bonds to international investors in order to get money. In case a country goes bankrupt, it will not be able to repay the value of the ... Read More »

What Is Depreciation? And How Do You Calculate It?

Depreciation lets companies recover an asset’s expense when it got bought. Without depreciation, an establishment’s financial statements might mislead stakeholders and potential investors. What it does is allows companies to reduce their net income and lower the initial tax liabilities. Now, what exactly is deprecation,and how does it get calculated? Allow this post to learn further about depreciation and its ... Read More »

Who Funds World Bank?

An international financial institution, World Bank primarily focuses on providing funds and grants to countries for executing capital projects. The financial assistance is provided to low- and middle-income countries. The World Bank comprises five institutions, which are IBRD (The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development), IDA (The International Development Association), IFC (The International Finance Corporation), MIGA (The Multilateral Investment Guarantee ... Read More »

Which Will Be Most Powerful Country By 2050?

Global power centers keep changing, something that has been evidenced multiple times in our history books. It’s usually a chaotic process, as current ruling powers don’t want to give in so easily. When it comes to power and prominence, the rules of our seemingly civilized world are quite the same as that of the jungle. A shift of power is ... Read More »

What Happens To Gulf Countries After Oil Runs Out?

To a large extent, most Middle East countries are heavily dependent on oil. Think countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, etc. As oil and natural gas is a limited resource, it makes us wonder what will happen to Gulf countries when oil runs out. To better understand the future of Gulf nations, here are some important things ... Read More »