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How is Artificial Intelligence Defined? Why Should You Obtain a Master’s in Artificial Intelligence?

The powers of the human mind can be modelled and even improved upon by machines due to artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly commonplace, appearing in a variety of forms across the modern world from self-driving automobiles to virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri. As a consequence, numerous IT firms from a variety of sectors are making investments ... Read More »

High School Students Tackle Educational Inequality Through Free Android App

App enables self-study, with 10,000+ questions, chapter summaries, and videos Of the 265 million students in India, close to twenty percent drop out before Grade 10 mostly because of educational inequality. Lack of access to good quality educational resources is one of the key facets of this inequality, leading to significantly lower educational success and social mobility for the impacted ... Read More »

Adaptive learning coaching- The key to successful transformations?

Hyderabad, 28th Oct’22,, As operating environments become ever more complex and volatile, the rate and scale of the change required of organizations increases. However, financial industry transformations continue to stall and fail at an alarming rate, whether their purpose is preparing the enterprise to face industry disruption, enhance innovation or reduce the overheads associated with bureaucracy. A key reason is ... Read More »

5 reasons why public speaking should be incorporated into the school curriculum

The digital age has brought some drastic changes to communication, making real life-classroom discussion more important than ever. While many students struggle with interacting face to face with others, learning effective public speaking skills can help overcome these problems. What is public speaking? Public speaking is defined as talking in front of a group of people, usually with some preparation. ... Read More »

School education is the key to developing character, building socio-emotional skills

The Creative, Human-Centred job economy This morning, I happened to read an article in the Harvard Business Review that talked about the increasing value being attributed to strong social skills in the workplace. The article, titled ‘The C-Suite Skills that matter the most’, explained that companies seeking top leadership ‘have increasingly emphasised the importance of social skills and deemphasized operational ... Read More »

Best internships for students in the field of IT

Internships are no longer an option for students, they are essential to gain relevant skills and become job ready. Nowadays, receiving a degree from a college is not enough to land a good job. Your CV must show your skills, additional efforts during the course and knowledge about the industry. The rapid technological advancements in the IT sector with the ... Read More »

Why Teaching sustainable living based on Indian culture to children in school is vital for holistic development of students

  (Ms. Suseela Santhosh, Director, Vishwa Vidyapeeth Group Of Schools) What is Sustainable Living? Sustainable living is a way of life that aims to reduce the use of Earth’s natural resources. In order to live sustainably is important to understand how choices impact the society and world we live in and find methods to live better.  Choices like reducing consumption ... Read More »

How Ed-Tech Platform AAFT Online is Providing Skills for Fashion Designing Students to Grow in the Industry?

India is the second largest exporter of apparel globally. The global fashion industry is estimated at roughly $3 trillion currently and continues to grow at a steady rate. Every day, 3000 billion textile and apparel companies make their way into the market. Therefore, as a fashion designing student, you must have the skills to thrive in the industry, whether you ... Read More »

List of Top 10 Law Schools through LSAT India

LSAT India exam is known to be a standardised test to refine the skills of candidates interested in studying Law. The entrance will be dignified with important sections such as critical thinking, reading, reasoning, and informal and deductive skills. The following exam is conducted by the Law of School Admission Council, known as LSAC Global, to get admissions to related ... Read More »