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Want to boost your creativity? Just try milk

In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive world, being creative gives you a professional edge in your career, business, or in any other field you may be working. Creativity can also help you in how you handle things at home, your relations with other members of your family, relatives, neighbors etc. A creative person is like a magnet, and everyone wants to ... Read More »

Fresh milk can help eliminate your break-up blues

To find something that lasts forever, if not impossible, has certainly become quite difficult in today’s fast changing world. Everything gets replaced in just a few years and most things come with an expiry date. Relationships have acquired similar characteristics, which in turn has made break-ups quite commonplace. The resulting hurt is something we are all familiar with and it’s ... Read More »

Want to stay away from diabetes? Just grab some fresh milk

The health wonders of fresh milk and milk products have been known to us since many decades. Moreover, it leaves little doubt in our minds, as new research studies are regularly being conducted, many of which have found evidence of the health benefits of milk. One such research study has special importance, as it has shown that regular consumption of ... Read More »

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Our elders have always talked about the importance of having a healthy breakfast. And now, there’s plenty of scientific evidence as well, which shows the various benefits of having a healthy breakfast. Research studies have revealed that a healthy breakfast boosts our metabolism and keeps us alert and focused. It gives us the energy and the nutrients that we need ... Read More »

Home Remedies for the Changing Weather

Changing weather allows us to experience new sights and smells and can help eliminate the monotony of life. However, changing weather is also the time for a host of diseases such as cough and cold, fever, skin irritation, etc. At the time of weather change, certain bacteria and viruses become active, which can cause diseases. Some health issues also occur ... Read More »

Work-life Balance vs. Work-Life Integration – Which is better?

In recent years, the Human Resources (HR) department is facing the tough question whether to choose work-life balance or work-life integration. The work-life balance is an old concept and now HR experts have begun experimenting with the new concept of work-life integration. But is work-life integration really better than work-life balance or is it just another fad? Let’s find out! ... Read More »

Some lesser known benefits of milk

Dairy products such as healthy double toned milk, full fat organic milk, and fresh tasty dahi are highly nutritious and work great for building mental agility and physical strength. However, benefits of dairy products are much wider in scope than what people normally care to know. Here are some of the lesser known benefits of milk and milk products. Milk ... Read More »

Baby refusing to drink cow’s milk? Here’s what you can do

Cow milk is the preferred choice for babies that are 12 months or older. This is the time when babies need more nutrition for their proper growth and development. While formula milk can also be used, the majority prefers cow’s full cream milk for babies or cow’s full cream milk for toddlers. As per the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), ... Read More »

Safe way to introduce cow’s milk to babies

Any type of change needs to be gradual for it to be a pleasant experience for the affected people. The same applies to the change when you shift your baby from breast milk to cow milk products such as best full cream milk and organic curd. Here are some guidelines that will help you achieve a smooth transition from breast ... Read More »

Baby drinking almond milk develops scurvy

For many generations, people in India have relied on cow’s full fat organic milk for meeting the nutritional needs of babies and toddlers. The use of cow’s full cream milk for toddlers has turned out to be a good practice, as it has helped our young ones to grow mentally and physically strong. Even toned milk has worked well since ... Read More »