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How Sneha Oli’s vision crafted a Spa haven for her clients

Staying fit in today’s times has become absolutely necessary. However, there is work pressure and personal issues to deal with. Finding the perfect balance between the two is a road that is difficult to trudge. This problematic situation caused a boom in the fitness industry. In Delhi and areas around it, there was a plethora of new spas and fitness ... Read More »

7 Skincare Ingredients that you need to look for in products you use

If we talk about natural ingredients, then the list goes endless. There is a number of plant-based ingredients that will deeply nourish our skin. Natural skin care products are better as its clean and free from chemicals and artificial ingredients. Natural and organic skincare products in particular combine essential vitamins, plants, and minerals that heal and restore our skin without ... Read More »

Affordable Skincare Buys for this summer. Ft Nivea Products

As the largest organ you have, your skin is vital to your overall well-being. However, it can take care of you if you take care of it. This is exactly why it’s so important to have a well-planned skincare routine. And it’s undoubtedly worth the time, money, and energy to take care of your skin on a day-to-day basis. Summertime ... Read More »

Tips to Adopt While Installing Your Next Modular Kitchen

In today’s time kitchen has become more than simply a space to prepare meals; we eat, chat and spend time there with our loved ones. It serves as a gathering place for the entire family, regularly inviting families and friends to join in. Now consumers spent a lot of time installing efficient and uncluttered kitchen which includes sufficient built-in spaces ... Read More »

Is Your Lipstick Killing You?

The debate over lipstick continues, even though FDA has not found any evidence of lipsticks being harmful to health. It’s true that traces of lead were found in lipstick, but that was within safe limits. Lead is present in air, water and most other things and considered safe as long as it is within prescribed limits. In many countries, the ... Read More »

Struggling with washing your winter wear?

This is how you can keep germs off your favorite winter wear this season With the increasing nip in the air, it is time to take out your favorite coats, jumpers and jackets. What it also means is that your laundry cycles will lessen in frequency as most winter wear cannot be washed as regularly as you would like. Plus, ... Read More »

Why Backless Bra is more in Demand?

What does a backless bra usually entail? It is a clever invention. The benefits of a backless bra are its concealability, comfort for the breasts, creation of a natural shape and design, and suitability for larger busts. They are without straps. They have no back at all, or they might have a low, barely perceptible back. Everyone can use a ... Read More »

Describe Power Outlets and Their Types

Everyday actions like turning on a lamp, turning on the microwave, or switching on the TV make you rarely consider what takes place within your home for those things to function. However, your home’s systems depend on electricity, so knowing how it works is essential if you want to perform simple tasks like testing an outlet or resetting a circuit ... Read More »

Smart Watch Prices are No Longer an Issue with these 4 Devices

Accessories of the new decade are often gauged by their functionality and features. The more, the better and having them be stylish is always a welcome bonus. Our fast-paced lives are often mired in the possibility of missing out on things and reminders, which is why smartphones and virtual assistants have become a standard companion in keeping things smooth sailing. ... Read More »