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Battery swapping: silver bullet or a short-term remedy leading to a long term malady?

Dr Samir Kapur The author is a visiting faculty to various leading management institutes, teaches consumer behaviour and marketing management There is no doubt that the government is doing a commendable job with its FAME schemes. Another laudable move is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pledge towards making India Carbon Neutral or Net Zero by 2070, at the Glasgow Summit in ... Read More »

#तेलंगाना में भीषण हादसा

#horrific accident in telangana chief minister announced five lakh compensation  #तेलंगाना में भीषण हादसा ।तेलंगाना सरकार ने पांच पांच लाख मुआवजे की घोषणा वही बिहार के मुख्यमंत्री नीतीश कुमार ने भी आश्रितों के दो दो लाख मुआवजे की घोषणा की है। सिकंदराबाद के भोइगुदा में कबाड़ के गोदाम में भीषण अगलगी हादसे में बिहार के मजदूरों की मौत पर गहरी ... Read More »

Top countries that do not have US Embassies and Why

There are various reasons for the US to limit their Embassies; some of the obvious reasons include –natural disasters, security concerns, civil unrest, or war. In this article, the countries without US Embassies are listed along with their reasons. However, the countries with short-term closures of US Embassies aren’t included. Iran: The citizens of Iran looking for US Visa will ... Read More »

Muslim family donated 2.5 crore land for Virat Ramayana temple

Muslim family for world’s tallest Virat Ramayana temple at Kaithwalia in East Champaran district of Bihar Donated land worth more than 2.5 crores. Ishtyaq Ahmed Khan, the landlord of the village, has donated the land with full faith for the Virat Ramayana temple. Ishtyaq Ahmed Khan, who is doing business in Guwahati and his family members, on Wednesday registered a ... Read More »

Holi – Embracing the Colors of Life

Holi – a festival that brings vibrancy, joy, hope, aspiration, togetherness, generosity and a chance for change and transformation. This eclectic gamut has made us refer to it as the ‘Festival of Love’ or the ‘Festival of Colors’ or the ‘Festival of Spring’. Do you know how the festival of holi originated? According to ancient Indian scriptures, it is believed ... Read More »

This Women’s Day, Let Us #BreakTheBias

Shweta Sastri, Managing Director, Canadian International School The life of a modern woman, whether she is working in the office or at home, married or single, and perhaps a mother, is multi-faceted.  While it’s established that women can innovate and lead in impressive ways, we need to  #BreakTheBias against women as there is still a long way to go when it comes to empowering women and ... Read More »

सत्र शुरू होने के दो दिन पहले पटना एस एस पी का फरमान

पटना एसएसपी मानवजीत सिंह ढिल्लो औऱ डीएम चंद्रशेखर सिंह सत्र शुरू होन से दो दिन पहले विधानसभा परिसर की सुरक्षा व्यवस्था का जायजा लिया।और वहां सुरक्षा में लगाये गये सारे पुलिसकर्मियों को इकट्ठा किया गया औऱ फिर माइक पर एसएसपी ने फरमान सुनाना शुरू किया.“ विधानसभा कैंपस के अंदर औऱ बाहर लगातार पैदल गश्ती करें ताकि प्रतिबंधित वस्तु अंदर नहीं ... Read More »

Survey Sites: Are they legit or scam?

With the emergence of the internet, we have a plethora of opportunities to earn our living. ‘Making money online’ is a trending catchphrase across World Wide Web. Old school blogging or digital marketing is not really fast ways to earn. There is now another way that promises you some quick earning and that are survey sites. Marketing companies conduct market ... Read More »