Celebrate Diwali the earth-friendly way with Amala Earth

New Delhi, India: Amala Earth was born out of the need to create an earth-friendly community where all living beings can co-exist harmoniously. It is a one-of-a-kind platform for responsibly sourced products that one can trust. Amala Earth strives to not just be a brand for selling earth-friendly and consciously manufactured products. Instead, the holistic vision is to instill and inspire the idea of a fresh perspective toward a mindful lifestyle.

Accordingly, Amala Earth presents purposeful gifting options this Diwali that comprise of handcrafted, made-in-India, artisan-led, and sustainably packaged products that are available in the form of customizable gift hampers.

The Diwali eco-friendly gifts range by Amala Earth features an extensive repository of festive wear for women, men, and children, personalised gift hampers, mindful eating hampers, an array of puja essentials, home décor products, Diwali decorations, chemical-free cleaning products, brass, Kansa, wooden, stone, and ceramic kitchen essentials and so much more.

Gunjan Jindal Poddar, Founder, Amala Earth opines, “Diwali has always been about the joy, zeal, and the spirit of love and affection for bringing people together. As a conscious and conscientious brand, we decided to onboard brands that are kind to the planet and are made with natural materials, particularly for Diwali gifting. With an aim to bring forth a sustainable change in consumer behavioral patterns, Amala Earth endeavours to provide alternative solutions for an earth-friendly lifestyle.”

Amala Earth’s Diwali gifting range has been put together to reflect the essence of celebrating Diwali the traditional way. The idea is to feature products made by local farmers, artisans, craftsmen, and other communities who produce handcrafted, handwoven, and handmade products that represent the culture and ethos of India. Whether it is playing cards made of recycled paper or seed crackers; puja thalis or incense holders; soy wax and hand-poured candles or vegan and cruelty-free makeup, or even plantable idols, each and every product for Diwali gifting is unique and special and will be a reflection of your mindful lifestyle.

In Gunjan Jindal Poddar’s words, ‘’Amala Earth is inspired by Amala consciousness, the ultimate form of purity in Buddhism. Undoubtedly, the earth is central to our purpose of living consciously. Through this platform, I solely aim to build a community of like-minded individuals where responsible choices are supported and transformation is embraced. I intend to engage with brands that are keen, consciously in tune with nature, and can bring earthly experiences into people’s lives.’’

Amala Earth’s website is user-friendly and offers a seamless shopping experience whilst shipping products across India.

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