Central Park Sets New Standard for Luxury Living with Vibrant Resident Experiences


Central Park, synonymous with opulent living and unrivaled experiences, continues to redefine luxury living standards with a triumphant showcase of vibrant resident engagements. The recent trilogy of events unfolded across its esteemed properties, Central Park Flower Valley and Central Park Resorts, setting a new benchmark for community-driven extravaganzas.
Central Park Flower Show: Hosted at Central Park Flower Valley and Central Park Resorts, the event showcased over 75 mesmerizing varieties of flowers, drawing a doubled attendance this year.
Central Park and DBBR Collaboration: In a strategic collaboration with the revered Delhi Bikers Breakfast Run (DBBR) community, Central Park Flower Valley welcomed over 200 biking aficionados on an exhilarating journey through its scenic environs, culminating in a delightful breakfast spread amidst the township’s luxurious offerings.
‘Run For Good’ Marathon Powered by Central Park: Central Park sponsored the second edition of ‘Run For Good’ marathon in collaboration with Savera Association, witnessing over 2,000 participants united for a noble cause, running alongside underprivileged children.

New Delhi, India – [2.04.2024]: Springtime bloomed to life at Central Park (Flower Valley and Resorts), a luxurious haven nestled amidst the majestic Aravalli Hills. The month of March unfolded like a captivating story, with the fragrant ‘Flower Show’ painting a scene of tranquility, and the ‘Bikes and Blooms’ colliding in the form of a collaboration that the brand Central Park undertook with the renowned Delhi Biker Breakfast Run (DBBR) community, adding a touch of exhilarating energy. Additionally, Central Park was a powered by sponsor for the Delhi Capitals ‘Run For Good’ marathon organized by the Savera Association, working towards the upliftment of underprivileged children.

With over 75 captivating varieties of spring and seasonal flowers, including Dianthus, Dahlia, Marigold Jafri, Freesia, and Candytuff, among others, the ‘Flower Show’ transformed the expansive multi-acre lawns at Central Park Flower Valley and Central Park Resorts, into a fragrant oasis, inviting residents and visitors from outside to immerse themselves in its beauty. This year witnessed a doubling of visitors over previous years, who enjoyed the rhythm of enchanting live music and explored an extensive flea market, delighting in the revitalizing atmosphere and creating unforgettable memories.

Not only this, but the brand also partnered with the renowned Delhi Biker Breakfast Run (DBBR) to add more fun for its residents. With over 200 enthusiastic bikers, Central Park Flower Valley’s scenic Gazebos, where nature and leisure seamlessly intertwined, became the starting point for their awe-inspiring ride. Safety briefings echoed through the air as the experienced DBBR crew ensured a smooth flag-off from NH48. Reaching their destination, the riders were welcomed by the warm hospitality of Central Park. A sumptuous breakfast spread awaited, a delightful contrast to the morning’s adrenaline rush. It was a chance to savor the culinary delights residents enjoyed within the Flower Valley, while simultaneously being introduced to the township’s diverse living options – each a haven of luxury and comfort, from The Orchard to Aqua Front Towers.

The extravaganza wasn’t just about showcasing beautiful homes; it was about crafting unforgettable experiences. Visitors, a unique blend of floral aficionados and motorcycle enthusiasts, were treated to a range of activities. Tug-of-war battles erupted on the lawns, putting green challenges tested skills, and horseback riding adventures offered a chance to explore the picturesque surroundings. The day was further enlivened by captivating performances – the whimsical Duck Parade, the stoic Khalsa Regiment Parade, and the vibrant Bhangra dances adding a touch of local flavor to the festivities.

Mr. Vikram Singh, President, Central Park said, “Central Park embodies the pinnacle of lavish living, where we seamlessly blend contemporary luxuries, cohesive modern-day amenities, and bespoke experiences. We’re dedicated to curating enriching experiences that unite our residents and the community. These events are our endeavors and enduring commitment to cultivating a holistic lifestyle for our esteemed residents. “

Mr. Karan Arora, Head Marketing and PR, Central Park added “From Central Park’s vibrant ‘Flower Show’ to thrilling collaborations like the ‘Delhi Bikers Breakfast Run’ and sponsorship of the ‘Run For Good’ marathon, each event reflects our commitment to creating memorable moments and making a positive impact. Central Park sets new standards by prioritizing exceptional experiential living spaces and fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among all.”

Aligning with its values of social responsibility and fostering strong communities, very recently Central Park sponsored the second edition of Delhi Capitals ‘Run For Good’ marathon at Delhi’s JLN Stadium. Over 2,000 participants united for social good, running alongside Savera Association’s underprivileged children. Laughter and footsteps echoed, celebrating inclusivity and shared humanity.

Located in south of Gurugram, Central Park Flower Valley is a 15 min drive from Subhash Chowk, Gurugram. It isn’t just a collection of residences; but a lifestyle destination. Spread across a sprawling 250-acre township, it embodies the Bakshi Group’s unwavering dedication to crafting sustainable and magnificent communities. These activities served as a glimpse into the unparalleled world that awaited discerning residents seeking a haven of luxury amidst the beauty of the Aravalli Hills. Residents enjoy exclusive access to world-class amenities like a state-of-the-art gym, diverse sporting facilities, multi-cuisine restaurants, and serene water bodies.

These consistent efforts by Central Park prove that luxury living can embrace both the tranquil beauty of nature and the thrill of adventure. It’s a testament to their dedication to creating lasting memories for all who call this vibrant community home.

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