Chalo Commemorates World Earth Day by Distributing 750 Saplings on Chalo BEST EV Buses to Promote Green Commuting

Mumbai, Monday 22nd April 2024 – Chalo, a leading innovator in transport technology company celebrated World Earth Day today by distributing plant saplings to its passengers in buses. In a bid to thank individuals for opting for buses and to encourage sustainable transportation choices, Chalo distributed 750 saplings to passengers on routes from Thane to BKC and Andheri.

Chalo’s work is aligned towards combating climate change and reducing carbon emissions, by making bus travel more reliable and convenient. Chalo operates in 61 cities, powering 150 million rides every month on close to 20,000 buses. Chalo is solving a real-world problem that affects hundreds of millions of people and creating one of the world’s largest mobility companies along the way. Chalo also operates EV buses in Mumbai to cater office and airport travellers.

With the World Earth Day initiative, the company aims to express gratitude to passengers choosing public transportation while fostering a deeper connection to environmental stewardship. Therefore, it distributed complimentary saplings as a token of appreciation with a tagline of #ChaloGreen to the passengers for their commitment to greener commuting practices.

The Co-founder and CMO of Chalo Mr Dhruv Chopra said “We started Chalo to increase the reliability and efficiency of public transport. Our end goal is to reduce the number of private vehicles and help decongest our cities. While we’re working hard every day towards this goal, this journey itself isn’t possible without commuters who make a sustainable travel choice every day. We’d like to thank them from the bottom of our hearts for paving the way for a greener tomorrow, one ride at a time.”

Join Chalo in celebrating World Earth Day by posting a picture of planting a tree along with the tagline of #ChaloGreen and embracing a greener, more sustainable future.

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