Charting a success story as an incredible real estate business owner, Nima Safa

Nima Safa serves as the Founder and CEO of “S&V Properties” in Dubai, which thrives on buying/selling exclusive and luxurious properties.

Not all those who wander are lost is a specific adage that has stood true for many people across the world. It also means people choose to wander within their chosen industries to finally pick a niche and thrive on the same. These individuals, along the process, learn many new things and try and implement the same in their work to continually create milestones with what they offer their target demographic, just like S&V Properties’ Nima Safa, who has done this quite rapidly in the real estate world in Dubai, UAE. This self-determined man and entrepreneur has never ceased to amaze people with his premium real estate services in buying/selling and even managing properties for his clients.

Starting everything from scratch: Nima Safa, who today is the Founder and CEO of one of the biggest real estate companies in Dubai S&V Properties had, begun in 2012 as a real estate broker, renting and selling ready properties in the Burj Khalifa district area and then worked as a developer selling pre-construction properties in Dubai Marina. He simultaneously also worked as a sales manager for four years, but in 2019 went back into real estate and built his company in 2021, all on his own.

Thriving on honesty and authenticity: Nima Safa believes that out of several factors that helped him move forward in the industry, it was honesty and authenticity that helped him develop excellent relations with people, earn loyal customers, and thrust him to the forefront of Dubai’s real estate markets.

Offering A to Z real estate services: Helping people find the right communities to live in and thrive has been the vision with which he has offered excellent real estate services to people, from sales of luxury residential properties, sales of ready properties, under-construction called off-plan in Dubai and much more, providing A to Z real estate services. He also makes sure to offer properties that are near to schools, working places, shopping malls, etc., and stays by their side in viewing, booking, payments, and more.

Incredible payment plans: His company has ease of working with approved builders and developers. Nima Safa explains that people can give 55% of the total amount, receive the key and then rent the property to generate revenue and pay the remaining in the next three plans. Many purchase during under-construction, buying properties at low prices and paying in 2-4 years during or after construction to generate money after the property’s appreciation. Also, instalments are with zero interest rates and zero tax.

All these factors have led S&V Properties to outstanding success under Nima Safa’s (@thenimasafa) leadership.

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