Chicco Introduces Innovative Oral Care Solution for Kids on World Oral Health Day with the ‘4-Week Brushing Champion’ Challenge

On World Oral Health Day ’24 Chicco, a leading name in the baby oral care category, has announced the launch of its innovative initiative, the 4-Week Brushing Champion Challenge. With the aim of helping babies learn brushing and motivating them to brush daily, Chicco has introduced this exciting challenge around a significant occasion, in a rewarding mode to support parents in instilling healthy oral care habits in their little ones.

Understanding the challenges parents face in encouraging their babies to brush regularly, Chicco is offering free 28 reward stickers for a 4-week brushing champion challenge to support parents in their daily uphill task of making babies brush.

The concept of the challenge revolves around the belief that it takes approximately 3-4 weeks to form a habit. To facilitate this habit formation process, Chicco toothpaste includes free 28 rewards stickers and a calendar inside every pack. Parents are supposed to offer 1 sticker as a reward every day to their baby in appreciation of brushing their teeth properly & help them stick these stickers on the calendar. By the end of the challenge, parents are required to click a picture of the filled calendar and share it on their social media and tag Chicco India to get their baby’s digital certificate signifying their achievement as a ‘4-Week Brushing Champion’.

“At Chicco, we understand the importance of establishing good oral care habits from an early age. With the 4-Week Brushing Champion Challenge, we aim to make the process of daily brushing enjoyable and rewarding for both kids and parents,” said Mr. Rajesh Vohra, CEO of Artsana India. “We are pleased to announce this initiative on world oral health day which helps in promoting oral hygiene and empowering parents to prioritize their child’s dental health. By providing parents with an engaging way to motivate their children to brush regularly, we hope to contribute to the development of lifelong oral care habits.”

Chicco recognizes the power of rewarding as a motivational tool, especially for children. The 4-Week Brushing Champion Challenge aims to develop a positive attitude towards oral care from an early age. By engaging children in a fun and rewarding activity, Chicco hopes to contribute to the development of healthy oral care habits that last a lifetime.

Chicco is an expert in baby oral care products. Chicco toothpastes are 75% lower abrasive suitable for the soft enamel of babies’ teeth. It contains Xylitol, a natural ingredient that does not allow cavity-causing bacteria to grow, thereby reducing the chances of cavities. Moreover, Chicco toothpaste is fluoride and preservative-free and certified by the Indian Dental Association (IDA). It comes in 3 different flavors i.e., Apple Banana (6M-6Yr), Strawberry (12M-6Yr), Mixed Fruit (12M-6Yr) economically priced at Rs 179. Chicco also offers a Mild mint flavor for grown-up kids (6Yr+).

Chicco Toothbrush range has innovative extra soft Tapered Bristle, which provides gentle and effective cleaning without damaging the baby’s teeth enamel and gums. The bristles of the toothbrush are BPA free and therefore safe for children. The toothbrush’s head & neck are ergonomically designed and hence suitable for a baby’s mouth. The toothbrush also offers an anti-slip grip for firm holding to have control while brushing. Chicco toothbrush range starts from Rs 119.

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