Chief Minister of Sikkim Dedicates Public Infrastructure and Extends Support to Communities of Gyalshing and Yangthang Constituencies

New Delhi, March 11: Chief Minister PS Tamang graced a momentous dedication ceremony on Sunday at Gyalshing Bazar, dedicating various public infrastructure projects and extending vital support to communities of Gyalshing and Yangthang Constituencies of Gyalshing district.

The ceremony commenced with the virtual inauguration of CT scan facilities at the District Hospital, Gyalshing, ensuring enhanced medical services for the residents. Additionally, the virtual inauguration of Hamro Dawai Kendra at STNM Hospital, Sochakgang, Gangtok, promises to provide free medicines to those in need, reaffirming the government’s commitment to accessible healthcare.

Chief Minister Tamang also distributed financial aid to 14 organizations and individuals under the Chief Minister’s Discretionary Fund, along with 12 beneficiaries under the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. Moreover, interest-free loans were provided to four registered PWD workers under the Labour Department demonstrating the government’s dedication to uplifting marginalized communities and facilitating sustainable development.

The Chief Minister was honored by the venerable monks of Pemayangtse Monastery, recognizing his exemplary leadership and unwavering support for the community and the region.

Addressing the citizens, Chief Minister Tamang reiterated the importance of responsible stewardship of public infrastructure projects, urging the public to actively take ownership for availing long-term benefits. He highlighted the government’s achievements over the past five years, including the establishment of essential facilities, regularization of temporary employees, and comprehensive enhancement of public infrastructure, among others.

A key announcement made during the ceremony was construction of the parking plaza and town hall in between the market area and informed that the state government has been working to achieve the planned projects at its earliest. CM reiterated that a memorandum of understanding has been signed between Urban and Housing Development Department and Pemayagtse monastery. This agreement involves the exchange of designated areas in Gyalshing bazar with state government-owned properties near the monastery. Additionally, he informed about the transformation of the Singshore Bridge situated under Maneybong-Dentam constituency into a top-notch glass bridge, with 99% of the required process finalised . This project is poised to significantly enhance tourism prospects in the region, further contributing to its economic development.

Chief Minister Tamang expressed confidence in the positive impact of these transformative initiatives on the region’s progress and prosperity. He called upon citizens to collectively contribute to sustaining the growth and development of the community, emphasizing the importance of shared responsibility.

Earlier in the day, Chief Minister visited the nearby Gyalshing Maney Lakhang and offered prayers and inaugurated the wellness park developed in the monastery premises.

The programme had the presence of Ministers, MLAs, Advisors, Chairmen, Bureaucrats, District Officials and public at large.

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