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One of the things we all like is gifts and there are many occasions we can get these such as birthday, wedding, engagement, mehendi, anniversary, farewell, housewarming, family gathering, kitty party, baby shower, etc. We may get dozens of gifts depending on the occasion and it may all seem great. However, when you start opening the gifts, it very often happens that you may end up receiving multiple quantities of the same gift. For example, 10 watches or 12 mixer grinders or a dozen dinner sets. In this case, you may not have any immediate use of such duplicate, unwanted gifts and you may have to store it to gift it to someone else at some other time. And this process keeps repeating in the society, making gifting quite a boring affair.

You might say – “why not try gift registries?” Well, gift registries have their purpose, but they too have limitations. Individually, people can only contribute so much, which means that even if you are using gift registries, you will end up with small small things in your house. Now, consider a scenario where you want a single big gift or may be half a dozen of them like all the electrical &electronic appliances for you home. What if you are just looking for a pricey necklace? Or may be a big screen LED television, a car, a travel package, or an x-box? Surely, no individual can gift you these unless he/she is a millionaire or something. However, you will be glad to know that you can still have these types of gifts with a new concept of gifting devised by is a one of its kind gifting platform that lets people chip in their funds to create a large pool of money, which can then be used to buy any type of gifts. Consider a hundred people chipping in Rs 1,000 each and you can see the total funds would reach a massive Rs 1,00,000, with which you can easily buy the giftsyou want. You can say that ChipNGift has brought together the idea of crowd funding and gift registries and created something entirely new that has already become a huge hit among people. Moreover, ChipNGift lets you do everything online, so there are absolutely no hassles of managing a group of people or anything like that.

The entire process is quite simple and everything gets done in just a few minutes. All you need to do is register on ChipNGift, create an event, share your gift ideas and send invites to people via email or social media. Everyone who receives your invite can then contribute towards buying the gifts you had wished for. As people start chipping in, you will soon be able to get the funds needed to buy your gift(s).

ChipNGift can also be used to create ‘Charity’ events to gather money for those in need of financial assistance.

ChipNGift has revolutionized the concept of gifting. It has made the gifting process a lot more exciting and a satisfying experience for both givers and the receiver. So, go ahead and make a wish on

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