Choosing your own salary day is no longer an alien concept says Jupiter in its latest campaign

Bengaluru, 12th December 2022 – Jupiter, the 1 app for everything money, has released a new campaign with ad films for its latest offering: On-Demand Salary. In a world used to getting things on-demand, Jupiter now lets users withdraw their salary on any day with On-Demand Salary the number of days they have worked.

In this ad campaign, Jupiter plays on the ‘kaunse planet se ho tum?’ (what planet are you from?), a common reaction people have for things that sound too good to be true by actually making the protagonist look like a character from another planet. So, while saying one can withdraw your salary on any day of the month would have elicited such a response before, it is no longer an alien concept with Jupiter’s On-Demand Salary.

The inspiration for On-Demand Salary was simple. Salaried employees wanted more flexibility with respect to when they receive their salary. While conducting its research, Jupiter also identified many other difficulties for employees. While employees can approach their HR department, withdrawing their salary before salary day usually involved an approval process and questions on how the employee wants to use his/ her own earned salary. This is where Jupiter found its solution. On-Demand Salary enables an employee, working with any company, with a no-questions-asked product.

The films are set in situations all millennials have been in once their salary runs dry, such as planning a holiday in Goa or buying a new dress for a big event, etc. But instead of postponing or giving up on their aspirations, Jupiter asks millennials to use credit responsibly by withdrawing their own salary.

Speaking about the campaign, Apurv Narang, Head of Growth & Marketing, at Jupiter said, “Jupiter’s mission has always been to give people the tools to make smart financial decisions every day. With On-Demand Salary, we’re doing this by making responsible credit available, any time you need it. We feel using your own earned salary for anything you desire is the first step you can take towards achieving true financial wellness. Knowing that we have a revolutionary product, we wanted to create a campaign that would stick in people’s minds. This quirky, relatable, and memorable campaign will help users get their hands on a product that allows them to fulfill their dreams responsibly, on-demand!”

Here’s how you can get your hands on On-Demand Salary

Download the Jupiter app and complete the RBI-mandated KYC (users who have completed their Video-KYC can directly select On-Demand Salary on the app)
Once your KYC is complete, simply verify your corporate email address
On successful verification, just tap on “On-Demand Salary” on the Jupiter’s app Home Page to withdraw your salary any day
You can repay the salary withdrawn at 0% interest by next month or in up to 6 easy EMIs

Jupiter is planning to launch a number of innovative investments and credit-focused products in 2023, expanding the range of financial options available to Indian consumers.

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