Clean-up Crusaders – Students of Ekya Schools and CMR NPS turn the trekking adventure into an impactful waste collection drive

In an effort to promote fitness and environmental consciousness among school children, Ekya Schools, as a part of the second edition of the Winter Trek Chapter organized a plogging and trekking activity for its students. A total of 750 students participated from grade 1 to PUC 2 during both the winter trek chapters. It was a fun, fitness and awareness activity which was designed to teach children the responsibility of conserving nature. The trekking cum plogging drive was conducted under the guidance of experts at a popular picnic spot Shivagange, a few kilometres away from namma Bengaluru.

The Plogging trek saw a total of 140 students from grades 5 to 8 participate in the second edition of the winter trek chapter. With 40 extra large and 5 XXL bags, children collected 235 to 250 kg of single-use plastic bottles with bottle caps. The initiative left Shivagange 5% cleaner than what it was before.

The event began with a brief introduction to the concept of plogging and trekking, followed by warm-up exercises to prepare the students for the activity. The students were then divided into groups and were given gloves and garbage bags to collect litter while trekking. The route of the trek was carefully selected to ensure that it was challenging enough for the students but not too difficult.

The entire outbound learning trip was a huge success, with the students thoroughly enjoying the experience. They not only got to exercise and explore the outdoors but also learnt the importance of keeping their surroundings clean. The main highlight was the children giving a strong message to the tourists and locals of Shivagange and surrounding places of taking responsibility for their actions and doing their bit of keeping the environment clean.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Tristha Ramamurthy, Founder of Ekya Schools and Provost, CMR University said, “We aspire to make our children aware, compassionate and engaged. The Plogging trek gave them the right opportunity to become aware of their surroundings and engage in sustainability and conservation along with inculcating values such as teamwork, responsibility, and respect for the environment. We encourage our students to continue such activities with their family and peers to help spread awareness about the importance of keeping our surroundings clean and become responsible citizens.”

The activity of plogging involves picking up litter while jogging or walking. Trekking, on the other hand, is a form of hiking that involves walking through natural terrain. The combination of these two activities not only promotes physical fitness but also instils in children the importance of taking care of the environment and doing their bit to conserve nature. This activity not only helps promote physical fitness and environmental consciousness but also teaches children the value of teamwork, as they worked together to collect the litter.

The event was organized in collaboration with plogging experts, who provided guidance and support throughout the planning process. It is so alarming to see this much plastic waste despite a ban imposed on plastic. The activity has helped us to create and spread awareness about the importance of protecting our environment and saving our planet from manmade destruction.

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