Clinics on Cloud Unveils Revolutionary Insights: 17% Surge in Women’s Health Assessments in Rural India

India, 7th March – This International Women’s Day, Clinics on Cloud, India’s premier health tech company, proudly announces groundbreaking insights into women’s health, underscoring the transformative impact of accessible healthcare solutions. Spearheading the revolution in preventive healthcare, Clinics on Cloud provides cutting-edge technology through HealthATMs, offering instant body vitals screening for over 70+ parameters, thereby empowering women to prioritise their well-being conveniently and comprehensively.

Key Insights from Clinics on Cloud Data:

Rise in Rural Women’s Health Assessments: A significant 17% increase in women conducting health assessments is noted, attributed to the availability of Health Kiosks in rural areas.

Age-Specific Trends:

20-29 years: Women’s test participation increased from 65% to 67%, with a shift in ratio from 1:1.45 to 1:1.55.

30-39 years: Participation rose from 68% to 70%, with a ratio change from 1:1.50 to 1:1.60.

40-49 years: Women’s engagement surged from 70% to 72%, accompanied by a ratio change from 1:1.55 to 1:1.65.

50-59 years: Participation witnessed an increase from 72% to 74%, with a ratio change from 1:1.60 to 1:1.70.

60-69 years: Consistent participation at 72%, maintaining a ratio around 1:1.60.

70+ years: Slight increase from 65% to 66%, with a minor ratio change from 1:1.50 to 1:1.55.

Preventive Health Tests: A notable 15% rise in preventive health tests, including blood pressure monitoring, blood sugar checks, body temperature, haemoglobin, body fat analysis, and mental health counselling appointments.

Common Health Concerns in Women:

Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)



Reproductive Health Issues

Maternal Health Complications

Cardiovascular Diseases

Lifestyle-related Diseases

Breast and Cervical Cancers


High Blood Pressure

Additional Data Points:

Anaemia: 69% of women are anaemic, primarily caused by iron deficiency.

Obesity: 57% of female patients tested had higher body fat, with 72% exhibiting higher body fat compared to 40% of males.

Reproductive Health: Common issues include PCOS, endometriosis, and infertility, particularly prevalent in metro cities.

Maternal Health: 63% of women faced child mortality issues in rural areas, with over 40% of affected mothers aged 23-29 years.

Cardiovascular Diseases: 23% of women suffer from cardiovascular diseases, including heart attacks and strokes.

Diabetes: Women above 55 years face a heightened risk of type 2 diabetes, leading to complications like Neuropathy, Nephropathy, and Retinopathy.

Blood Pressure: 67% of female patients above 60 suffer from high blood pressure.

Manashrri Jadhav, CEO, Clinics on Cloud said,”At Clinics on Cloud, we are dedicated to revolutionising women’s healthcare by providing accessible and innovative solutions. The data reflects not only a rise in health consciousness among women but also underscores the pressing need to address prevalent health issues effectively. By leveraging technology and data-driven insights, we strive to empower women to take proactive steps towards their health and well-being.”

With a commitment to leveraging technology for positive social impact, Clinics on Cloud remains at the forefront of driving meaningful change in women’s healthcare.

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