Clove Presents Painless Dental Treatments with The Help Of Laser Technology

While you may be familiar with laser treatments in medical and cosmetic surgery, laser treatments also have an undisputed role in dentistry. Lasers are one of the most advanced modalities in treating infections and minor dental surgeries. Clove Dental, the leading dental care brand in India has been pioneering in providing Laser Treatment facilities to their patients.

All the 350 clinics of Clove Dental are equipped to provide laser treatments. Lasers are used for Root Canal Treatments, laser gum treatments, treatments of oral infections, treating infected teeth, Oral Ulcers, bleaching, growths, biopsies, jaw joint problems, and tackling dentinal hypersensitivity. Laser procedures are performed by Dental experts who’re specially trained and certified by recognized authorities and who can perform Laser procedures. Clove has the highest number of trained experts doing Lasers in Dentistry.

Using Laser treatment, one can handle multiple treatments in a quick, painless, precise, and bloodless way. In addition to reducing or eliminating pain during dental procedures, laser dentistry also provides a patient with a variety of other advantages; such as a lower chance of bacterial infection, less bleeding, less anxiety, and greater comfort. Laser treatments are relatively painless and silent, making patients feel more at ease and calm throughout treatment.

Lt Gen Dr. Vimal Arora, the Chief Clinical Officer at Clove Dental stated that “The advancements in technology in dentistry has resulted in more effective and efficient patient care. One such advancement is the use of lasers in dentistry which over years has added value to each procedure making it painless, bloodless, and aseptic. The future research holds promise for its use in the diagnostic field and its applications for targeting specific cells, disease-carrying viruses, and also in achieving asepsis for multiple dental diseases.”

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