CM Tamang calls for Tree Planting in Mother’s Honour under PM Modi’s ‘Ek Ped Maa Ke Naam’ campaign

New Delhi, July 10: Chief Minister of Sikkim PS Tamang attended the state-level celebration of the ongoing Sikkim Paryavaran Parva 2024 in Gangtok today.

The Sikkim Paryavaran Parva, themed ‘Leave a Green Legacy,’ is being observed for 14 days, running from July 1-14.

In his address, Chief Minister Mr Prem Singh Tamang stressed Sikkim’s proactive stance on environmental issues and said, “Sikkim has pioneered numerous schemes for environmental conservation which have yielded significant benefits.” He emphasized that while significant progress has been made, there is still much work to do in the realm of environmental protection.

Highlighting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign ‘Ek Ped Maa Ke Naam,’ he urged everyone to plant trees in honor of their mothers and said, “Planting a tree in our mother’s name is a beautiful way to honor the one who gave us life and to contribute to a greener future.”

The Chief Minister also spoke about the ‘Mero Rukh Mero Santati’ initiative, stating, “This initiative is not just my brainchild; it is our collective effort.” He underlined that protecting the environment is a responsibility shared by all, not just the Forest and Environment Department.

“One cannot survive without the environment,” the Chief Minister highlighted, stressing the crucial role that nature plays in our lives. He further urged people not to leave their land barren but to make use of it through cultivation.

Celebrating the upcoming 50 years of statehood, he announced, “I have invited the Prime Minister and Home Minister to the celebrations, and both have accepted.”

Highlighting the state’s commitment to greener initiatives, the Chief Minister introduced the “Mero Bato Mero Bot” programme aimed at beautifying roads through extensive tree planting across Sikkim. The Forest and Environment Department will identify roads for avenue plantation, which will be maintained by the Roads and Bridges Department, necessitating proper coordination. He also pledged a cash reward of Rs 50,000 for workers maintaining roadside trees.

Commending the Forest Department’s efforts, he encouraged public participation in adopting animals from zoos.

The Chief Minister unveiled the Citizen Charter of the Forest Department and called upon other departments to develop similar charters for enhanced public service delivery. “Every promise made in the charter should be rigorously implemented,” he said.

Emphasizing cleanliness and efficient governance, the Chief Minister directed all departments to maintain hygienic offices and restrooms. He stressed, “Employees must treat the public with respect,” proposing half-day casual leave for tardiness.

Post-budget, the Chief Minister shared plans of extensive public engagement visits across constituencies through the “Janta Bhet” programme.

He further emphasized the upkeep of government infrastructure and urged surprise inspections by department heads.

In revenue matters, he emphasized leveraging government assets effectively and urged compliance with tax regulations, and noting irregularities in GST payments from some of Sikkim’s hotels.

In conclusion, he lauded the “Green Schools” initiative to promote environmental education among students, urging its continuation.

On the occasion, the Chief Minister’s Green School Rolling Trophy and State Green Schools Award were presented to seven schools from across the state.

Instituted in the year 2011, the Chief Minister’s Green School Rolling Trophy and State Green School Awards is presented every year to schools under Senior Secondary, Secondary, Junior High School, Primary and Private school categories.

The Best ASHA Worker was also awarded during the same programme.

The day-long event featured the screening of the ‘Sikkim – The Green State of India’. A special cover themed ‘Sikkim – The Green State of India’ was released, along with the Citizen Charter.

The key highlights of the event included the distribution of allotment orders for rearing houses under the Sericulture Directorate and token distribution of Rooftop Rain Water Harvesting facilities to four beneficiaries.

The programme also witnessed the screening of the ‘My Child from Wild’ video focusing on zoo animal adoption, followed by benefaction by Shyama Shree Sherpa, actress and producer, Power Grid Corporation of India, Cipla Pharmaceuticals Ltd and Government Fruit Preservation Factory (Sikkim Supreme).

Additionally, a watershed development video and MRMS promotional videos, reel, and short film were screened.

Further, the logo for the ‘Mero Bata Mero Bot’ initiative was unveiled. The online marking order management system was also launched, followed by the screening of a video on marketing order and a skit on online marking orders, adding a creative touch to the event.

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