[COMING SOON] Mental Health Startup, MoodBridge, Aims To Deliver The Best Emotional Support On The Internet!

An Indian startup, MoodBridge, is shadowing mental health taboos, thus impacting the world with an aim to manage your emotional health at home.

While depression and anxiety are a part of everyday life for several people, the gap between people needing care and those with access to care remains substantial, meaning adequate treatment coverage remains extremely low. In 2011 alone, there were 0.047 psychologists, 0.301 psychiatrists, and 0.166 nurses per 100,000 mental-health patients in India.

“People adjust to emotional pain rather than dealing with it. So we felt an urge to build a support system that can hold every member of our world to help them fight loneliness, overcome addictions, and cope with other mental disorders to bring them back to a place of light and hope.”

~ Founders Mohammad Bohari and Taha Saifee on the startup’s mission.

An on-demand emotional wellness platform, MoodBridge, comprised of professional therapists, trained active listeners, and self-care tools, is coming your way!

Recognized by Startup India, MoodBridge offers multi-dimensional services under one advanced and safe deep technology powered by a compassionate community, caring and trained active listeners, experienced therapists, smart growth paths, and self-care tools.

“Think about your family and friends and guess about the stress they get daily, but they might not feel comfortable sharing their emotional discomforts with those around them. So, the big aim is to build the best emotional support system for the internet because it lets people be anonymous and seek the help they wouldn’t otherwise seek.”

~ Founders Mohammad Bohari and Taha Saifee explained how they plan to break the stigma around mental health.

The platform will also have many self-help guides for different types of emotional issues ranging from anxiety attacks to practicing self-forgiveness, thus strongly influencing the world and helping thousands of lives who need emotional and mental health support.

“MoodBridge is for anyone who wants to live in a world rich with love and support. We understand that each of us is inherently valuable, and we see our differences as a strength. We are connected in our shared purpose of creating a place where all can find acceptance and be welcomed to a home where we all belong.”

~ The Founders told the press.

The startup’s official website is currently in the works, but its presence can be found on Instagram.

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