Common hot waxing mistake and how to avoid them

Although you may be opting for hair waxing since your teen years, there are certain mistakes you could be making and not even realize it till today. Not everyone is well trained and experienced in this procedure, so to avoid mistakes and have a painless waxing experience you must be well equipped with proper understanding of the waxing procedure.

So, here are some of the common mistakes you would make while waxing and few tips on how to avoid it.

  1. Not prepping your skin properly

Exfoliating and cleansing your body before waxing is very essential, negligence of which can hamper your skin. Oil, dirt, and sweat will act as a hindrance for the wax to stick to your body hair. If you want to save yourself from the pain of ingrown hair, you should exfoliate your skin before your waxing session. If you want to avoid hampering your skin and want to keep your ingrown hairs at bay then clean your skin properly with pre-waxing body wash and exfoliate your skin with good scrub  2-3 days before your waxing session to avoid sensitizing your skin.

  1. Not following the correct direction and pace for waxing

Not waxing in the correct direction can be really agonizing for you. Yes, you have heard it correct, deciding the proper direction and the pace is vital while waxing as it may lead to ingrown hair and cause discomfort. To avoid this hold your skin firmly and apply wax in the direction of hair growth and pull off quickly in the opposite direction.

3.Incorrect wax temperature and viscosity

Avoid yourself from getting burned by checking the temperature and viscosity of wax before applying it onto your skin. Too hot wax can hurt your skin, so check the wax temperature before applying it to your skin. If it is too hot allow it to cool for some time and then use it. The viscosity of wax is also an important factor to take note of as a too thick or too thin layer of wax will not remove your hair properly.

  1. Not checking the length of your body hair.

The correct length of your body hair decides the efficiency of waxing. Too long or too short hair can make your waxing experience painfull and you will have to deal with bruises all over your skin. The length of your hair should not be less than or more than 1/4th of an inch. If you have long hair try to hold yourself from trimming or shaving it and if you have short hair then wait for few days before it gets to its ideal length.

  1. Not following proper aftercare

The next 24 hours post your waxing session is a crucial time to care for your skin. Try to avoid certain things like taking a hot bath, wearing tight clothes, using perfumes and deodorants and scrubbing the waxed area. Try to follow aftercare routine properly to avoid reactions on the skin, irritation and bacterial infection.

These are some of the waxing mistakes you should avoid and follow the tips provided here to get soft shiny skin with perfect waxing experience.






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