Communica’ – An innovate Smart Glove that Transforms Sign Language into Speech

The inability to communicate effectively can be a major barrier for the hearing impaired, leading to social isolation and hindering opportunities. To address this challenge, a group of students at Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon, have developed a groundbreaking project called Communica – an innovative smart glove that bridges the communication gap by translating sign language into spoken word. This initiative not only showcases the ingenuity of these students but also demonstrates their commitment to social impact.

Communica emerged as the winning project at Colloquium, the annual culmination of Shiv Nadar School’s integrated IT program which provides a platform for graduating students to showcase their year-long Capstone projects. These projects undergo a rigorous selection process, first by an internal panel of judges and then by an external jury of experts who assess the projects’ effectiveness and potential for real-world application.

Communica has the potential to revolutionize communication for the hearing impaired, fostering inclusivity and participation in all aspects of life. This initiative tackles this critical issue of the lack of accessible communication methods for the hearing impaired in India.

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