Companies boosting productivity across industries

With multiple industries blooming in India, a lot of forward-thinking companies are bringing in enhancements and making lives easier. These brands are helping ease processes, build value, save time and lives, enhance efficiency and induce productivity. Through their offerings, increased customer satisfaction and experience are also witnessed and the potential is brought to the forefront. Here, we delve into these brands, that are setting new benchmarks:

Hilti – Headquartered in Schaan, Liechtenstein, and with facilities in 120 countries, Hilti is committed to making construction better through technology, power tools, software, and services. Its direct sales approach enables deep customer connections to understand their needs for productivity, safety and sustainability. In India, it has been a journey of over 25 years. Operating nationwide, Hilti India boasts an advanced manufacturing facility for high-quality concrete cutting diamond inserts and a global product development team driving innovation in mobile apps, internet technologies, and data analytics for construction industry. Hilti has been certified seven times as a Great Place to Work and also distinguished as a leading workplace for women in construction and infrastructure.
ACT Fibernet – ACT Fibernet is one of India’s largest wired ISPs, headquartered in Bengaluru, with operations in 25 cities and serving 2.2 million customers. Known for its cutting-edge technology and high-speed broadband connectivity, the company made waves in 2019 with the launch of its consumer product, ACT stream TV 4K. ACT Fibernet pioneered 1 Giga-speed connectivity in India, first in Hyderabad in 2017, followed by Bengaluru and Chennai in 2011.
TreadBinary – TreadBinary provides expertise in Research and Development process and help with designing robust data management systems. TreadBinary’s expertise is crucial for startups aiming to track their progress and manage their finances effectively. Additionally, to track governance tasks such as accounting, and project management, ensuring that operations run smoothly and funding is utilised efficiently to prevent premature exhaustion. They leverage advanced technologies like ERP cloud systems, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to enhance service delivery and improve outcomes. By integrating these technologies, TreadBinary can support sustainable growth and operational success for startups, ensuring they remain competitive and innovative in their respective fields.
Revfin – Revfin, an innovative digital lending platform, is spearheading a transformation in sustainable mobility while actively promoting financial inclusion in India by offering convenient and accessible financing solutions. Revfin employs cutting-edge techniques such as Biometrics, Psychometrics, and Gamification to issue loans based on non-traditional data sources through its own NBFC. With a robust digital infrastructure and IoT-enabled monitoring capabilities, Revfin stands out in vehicle tracking, empowering drivers to optimise their earnings. Since its establishment in 2018, Revfin has been at the forefront of revolutionizing sustainable mobility, initially focusing on financing E3Ws and later expanding its scope to encompass various electric vehicles, including 2Ws, 4Ws, batteries, and charging stations. Sustainable mobility, ecosystem development, financial inclusion, and women’s empowerment form the core principles of Revfin, evidenced by its financing of approximately 50,000 vehicles across all categories and by partnerships with over 50 OEMs.

As they bring in innovations, these companies are upgrading their industries and setting examples.

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