Consumer Segmentation: Are You Speaking the Right Language to Your Customer?

The way people shop in India is changing rapidly. More and more people (over 450 million!) now have money to spend on things they want, not just need. This means they’re looking for unique experiences, especially when it comes to gifts. Gifting is a huge part of Indian culture, with a market size of over $80 billion every year! But with such a large and diverse population, with different lifestyles in cities and villages, the old way of grouping people together to sell them things (based on age, income etc.) just doesn’t work anymore. It’s like trying to use a horse-drawn cart to keep up with a speeding car!

Unboxing the New Indian Consumer: Why Gifting Needs a Hyper Makeover

Forget one-size-fits-all! In India’s vibrant tapestry, lifestyles are as diverse as the spices in a bazaar. Gifting, a cornerstone of our culture, reflects this beautifully. But with changing times, traditional methods of categorizing consumers just don’t cut it anymore.

Beyond Age and Income: Decoding What Makes Us Tick

Demographics like age and income were once the gold standard. But a 20-something with a techie job might crave a calming tea set, while a retiree could be a fitness enthusiast seeking a Smart watch. We’re a nation on the move, with aspirations and choices shaped by rapid urbanization and global influences.

The Social Media Buzz and the Power of Personalisation

Social media is the new town square, with over 1.4 billion users expected by 2025 (Statistics). Here, trends are born, and brands are judged. A McKinsey study reveals that 65% of urban Indians prioritize personalization, reflecting a rise in disposable income and a desire for experiences that resonate. This is where hyper-segmentation comes in. Imagine tailoring gifts not just to demographics, but to a customer’s unique preferences and real-time behavior. Consortium Gifts, for example, leverages digital tools to understand customer data and curate offerings.

The Digital Shopping Revolution and Its Challenges

Over 60% of Indians now shop online, seeking convenience and a wider selection. This digital shift offers a treasure trove of data, but also presents a challenge – how to segment effectively amidst the vast information.

The Future of Gifting: Embracing Agility and Innovation

As Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, says, “consumer segmentation needs to change.” Businesses must adapt. Here’s the winning formula: Move beyond demographics and explore psychographic and behavioral segmentation.

Leverage digital channels: Utilise data analytics and social media insights to understand evolving preferences.

Embrace agility: Be ready to re-segment as consumer behavior changes.

By personalising the gifting experience, businesses can unlock new growth opportunities in India’s dynamic lifestyle market. After all, in the land of a billion dreams, shouldn’t every gift reflect the unique dreams of the recipient?



By Gaurav Bhagat, Managing Director, Consortium Gifts

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