Core Integra launches Ctrl F 2.0, India’s go-to open access Reg Tech platform for Labour Law Compliances

Mumbai, April 2024: Core Integra, a leading labour law compliance company in India, specializing in areas such as Factory, Establishment, Mining, EHS, Contractor, HR, and ESG, proudly announces the launch of its open-access knowledge platform on Ctrl F. The knowledge platform Ctrl F 2.0 stands as the largest and most comprehensive labour law compliance software in India, covering over 40,000 pages of labour laws, 10,000+ compliances, 755 Rules, 204 Acts, and 44 Laws, alongside 2000+ forms, featuring 200+ bilingual formats. The launch of Ctrl F 2.0 by Core Integra marks a major advancement in labour law compliance and management for Indian enterprises, aligning with the “Ease of Doing Business” initiative to streamline processes and boost operational efficiency nationwide.

Core Integra serves over 750 clients across 30 industries, spanning 1500 locations nationwide, offering advisory and outsourcing services. Accessible through, Ctrl F 2.0 knowledge platform provides free access to compliance calendars, latest notifications, circulars, court judgments, minimum wages, holiday lists, working hours, and overtime rules. Its extensive e-library covers all labour laws, allowing configuration of applicable laws for different industries and entities. Additionally, the platform offers alerts, reminders for critical compliances, register and return generation in applicable Central and State formats, notice and abstract displays, compliance transaction workflows, audit modules, dashboards, MIS, and seamless integration with third-party software and tools.

Mahesh Krishnamoorthy, Managing Director of Core Integra, commented, “Navigating labour law compliance in India is very tricky and challenging, especially considering the dynamic nature of regulations that vary from state to state and require compliance at the central level as well. The absence of a comprehensive platform worsens the situation, leaving businesses vulnerable to legal risks and operational disruptions. With Ctrl F 2.0 knowledge platform, we aim to address these challenges, facilitating easy navigation through the complex nature of labour law compliances across different states, ensuring higher governance, transparency, and control for the businesses.” he further adds.

Ctrl F is now utilized by over 10,000 users across the businesses in India. Currently leveraging Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Core Integra aims to explore Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate the entire compliance transaction workflow. This will significantly ease usage for individuals from non-compliance domains, aligning with our objective of ensuring 100% adherence to labour law compliances by all organizations in India, in a cost-effective and effortless manner.

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