Cosmo Synthetic Paper innovative brands compatible with diverse print media

· These brands under Cosmo Synthetic Paper will address the multiple requirements across various sectors and segments of the print industry and are compatible with diverse print media

· Each brand provides unique solutions to the print market with its durability and longevity

New Delhi, 2nd April 2024: Pushing the boundaries of possibilities, Cosmo Synthetic Paper (CSP), an innovative vertical of Cosmo Films, is leading the pack in synthetic paper manufacturing, with a commitment to excellence and innovation. With a focus on durability, printability, and sustainability, Cosmo Synthetic Paper is announcing 8 brands to address the myriad requirements of the printing business and provide cutting-edge solutions.

Being an alternative to traditional paper in applications where durability and longevity are desired, such as commercial printing, tags & labels, retail & packaging, identification & credentials, and outdoor applications,

Speaking about the extensive brand range of Cosmo Synthetic Paper, Mr Kulbhushan Malik, Global Business Head, Cosmo Films said, “These latest ranges under the Cosmo Synthetic Paper is to provide numerous solutions for various end users in the printing industry and is compatible with diverse print media. Our synthetic paper is an increasingly popular choice among businesses looking for innovative, cost-effective, durable, and sustainable paper-based solutions. We are confident the segmentation and branding of our offering will assist our buyers make the right choice in choosing the right paper and improving our client base.”

Cosmo Synthetic Paper’s wide range of synthetic paper includes:

· CSP Classic [CSPR-2 (M)]: Uncoated, water-resistant Synthetic substrate suitable for Commercial printing applications.

· CSP Unicoat [CSPR-2 (M) TC]: Coated printable surface on Top side, ideal for vibrant printing applications.

· CSP Dualcoat [CSPR-2 (M) BTC]: Both sides Coated printable surface, ideal for applications demanding high-quality printing.

· CSP FlexoTuff [CSPR-2 (M) FLEXI]: Both sides coated high tear resistant synthetic film.

· CSP DigiLux [CSPR-2 (M) HR BTC]: Tailored for Digital/Laser printing.

· CSP DigiLux – MW [CSPR-2 (MW) BTC]: Both sides coated synthetic paper with enhanced whiteness, designed for digital/laser printing.

· CSP Indigo [HP Indigo]: Seamlessly compatible with HP Indigo presses.

· CSP Graphic [CSPR-2 (M) BTC]: Ideal for producing large-format graphics like posters, banners, billboards, and signage.

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