Counter the scorching heat with Somany Temp Shield tiles

Somany Temp Shield Tiles has been an innovative offering from the ceramic giant owing to its heat reduction and energy saving USPs alongside the environment friendly properties that makes it an inevitable choice for homeowners.

April 2023: Somany Ceramics Limited, is amongst the global leading companies specializing in ceramics and allied products and is recognized to be a leader in design & innovation. Brand SOMANY has built its legacy with innovative solution driven products and Somany Temp Shield Tile is another distinctive offering from the marquee brand.

Somany TempShield Tiles are specially designed to make the Roof/Terraces, Balconies, Exteriors facades repel excessive heat and keep the insides of your space cooler and energy efficient — thus also helping in reducing the carbon footprint. Owing to its high reflectance and emittance, the Temp Shield tile effectively reduces both surface temperature and inside room temperatures. It not only protects your building from damage due to high heat but also saves energy by reducing high electricity consumption, and thus helping you save on electricity bills. Lowering of room temperatures also help in reducing carbon footprints by contributing to the environment.

The Temp Shield tiles come with a Vitrified body which makes it highly durable and long lasting. They are also effective in combating the Urban Heat Island Effect (UHIE) by reflecting sunlight and heat. Furthermore, they protect buildings from heat-related damage and contribute to reducing carbon and energy footprints, thereby playing a vital role in reducing global warming and in saving the environment.

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