Crack Academy Successfully Launched “Mere Sheher Ke 100 Ratan” Scholarship Programme in Shimla

26th February 2024,Shimla: Crack Academy, successfully launched the “Mere Sheher Ke 100 Ratan” Scholarship Programme, marking a significant milestone in their commitment to providing quality education to deserving students from small towns across India. This jam-packed event took place at Hotel Holiday Home in Shimla and was graced by esteemed guests of honour Shri. Rohit Thakur, the Education Minister of Himachal Pradesh, and Shri. Neeraj Kansal, the Founder of Crack Academy, alongside Mr. Surender Chauhan, Mayor of Shimla, Mr. D.S. Thakur MLA Dalhousie, Mr. Rishi Bhargav, COO of Crack Academy and other notable dignitaries from various sectors.

Shri. Rohit Thakur, the Education Minister of Himachal Pradesh delightedly expressed, “We support this noble initiative and Congratulate Crack Academy for launching a total of 6800 scholarships that will be awarded to deserving students from Himachal Pradesh, and presenting them with this life changing opportunity, with 100 scholarships allocated for each of the 68 constituencies we truly believe this venture will help the our future generation accomplish their dreams”

Mr. Neeraj Kansal, Founder of Crack Academy, expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative, stating, “Through the ‘Mere Sheher Ke 100 Ratan Scholarship Programme,’ Crack Academy aims to provide equal opportunities to talented students from small towns, empowering them to realise their full potential and contribute meaningfully to society. We are excited to have launched this initiative in Shimla, and we anticipate a positive impact on the lives of deserving students across the nation. Initiatives like these have the power to transform society by providing deserving students with access to quality education and growth opportunities.”

The Mayor of Shimla, Mr. Surender Chauhan stated that “Mere Sheher Ke 100 Ratan” Scholarship Programme by Crack Academy aims to unlock the potential of students residing in tier 3 and tier 4 regions of the country, with a specific focus on Himachal Pradesh and the people of Shimla wholeheartedly appreciated the initiative.The scholarship test for students of Himachal Pradesh is scheduled to be held on May 1, 2024.”

The launch event showcased Crack Academy’s dedication to fostering academic growth and empowering students for a brighter future. Crack Academy remains committed to its mission of providing national-level quality education to students residing in underserved regions, ultimately contributing to the development of a more inclusive and empowered society.

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