Hydration is vital for the maintenance of healthy skin, and detox water trends have recently become popular for their potential benefits. Providing valuable advice and tips, Dr. Charu Sharma, Head of Dermatology at Cureskin, explains the science behind hydration, detox water, and skincare,

  1. The simple, yet fundamental role of Hydration

Water is essential for human physiology, and its importance extends to the skin. Proper hydration ensures optimal cellular function in the skin, leading to a healthy, youthful appearance. On the other hand, dehydration weakens the skin barrier, causing dryness, flakiness, and a higher risk of wrinkles.

Dr. Sharma emphasises, “Maintaining adequate hydration is crucial for overall health and skincare. While the general recommendation is eight glasses of water daily, individual needs may vary based on activity level and climate.”

  1. What is the detox water trend?

Detox water, infused with fruits, vegetables, and herbs, has become a popular drink. While these mixtures can make water more enjoyable, there is no strong scientific evidence that detox water offers any significant detoxifying benefits beyond plain water.

However, adding certain fruits and vegetables can provide additional advantages. Fruits like lemon and berries that are rich in antioxidants, help combat free radical damage and protect the skin from sun damage. Similarly, cucumber can add a refreshing taste and provide essential electrolytes.

  1. A Synergistic Approach towards Hydration and Skincare

While drinking water is crucial, a comprehensive skincare routine is also essential for achieving and maintaining radiant skin. Dr. Sharma advises incorporating a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen with broad-spectrum SPF protection, along with maintaining a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats.

Dr. Sharma offers these skincare tips to ensure healthy skin:

  • Twice-Daily Cleansing: Regularly eliminate dirt, oil, and makeup with a gentle cleanser formulated for your specific skin type
  • Meticulous Moisturisation: A high-quality moisturiser helps retain hydration and strengthens the skin barrier. Choose a moisturiser suited to your skin type (oily, dry, or combination)
  • Sun Protection is Non-Negotiable: Daily applying sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher is essential to prevent pigmentation, and premature ageing decreases the likelihood of developing skin cancer
  • Dietary Optimisation: Nourish your skin from within by consuming a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains

Adequate water intake is a fundamental essential for healthy skin. While detox water may not be a definitive solution for detoxification, it can be an enjoyable way to increase fluid intake. Remember, consistency is key! For the best results, combine proper hydration with a well-rounded skincare routine and a balanced diet.

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