CriticalRiver Sets Stage to Become 100% Employee-Owned, Joins Exclusive List of Global Companies

A Strategic Shift toward Collective Employee Ownership Aligns All Efforts with Visionary Growth and Market Leadership

Harvard Business Review Outlines Enhanced Productivity and Growth Owed to Employee Ownership

Mumbai / India, April 24, 2024: CriticalRiver Inc., a leading technology solutions provider, has announced its transition to becoming a 100% employee-owned company. This significant milestone underscores CriticalRiver’s commitment to fostering a culture of customer-centricity, employee empowerment, and shared success. As an employee-owned enterprise, CriticalRiver embarks on a new chapter where every team member has a stake in the company’s future. With over 1,000 employees across nine global locations, this strategic move reinforces the company’s commitment to retaining its top talent. As part of the transition to employee ownership, CriticalRiver will grant 100 ESOPs to each employee annually based on their years of service. Furthermore, each employee’s account will receive an additional 100 ESOPs each year. This move not only reflects the company’s belief in the power of collective ownership but also its dedication to building long-term relationships with clients and maintaining a positive company reputation.

According to the Harvard Business Review, businesses with at least 30% employee ownership tend to be more productive, experience faster growth, and have a lower likelihood of going out of business compared to their counterparts. In addition to ensuring the continuity of quality talent, this model reinforces a customer-centric approach, where employees deeply invest in satisfying clients and meeting their expectations, thereby securing the longevity of the organization.

Commenting on the milestone, Mr. Anji Maram, Founder & CEO of CriticalRiver Inc., said, “This strategic move is more than a milestone; it’s a testament to our confidence in our team and our collective future. Aligning with our visionary goal, we are setting the stage for propelling CriticalRiver towards revenues of $500 million by 2030 and achieving our Initial Public Offering (IPO) vision thereafter. The ESOP further reinforces our commitment to innovation and excellence, ensuring unwavering customer confidence. This strategic shift underscores our unwavering commitment to bolstering client confidence, and we’re further reinforcing the founders’ and management’s steadfast dedication to nurturing the organization’s growth.”

Mr. Chandra Chandragiri, CFO of CriticalRiver Inc., expressed enthusiasm about the new journey, emphasizing the strategic decision as a testament to their faith in their employees, who are now more than ever the pillars of the company’s success. “For clients, this transition promises not only improved service quality but also a partnership model where employees are deeply invested in satisfying clients and meeting their expectations. This alignment fosters better customer service, innovative solutions to client needs, and a shared sense of purpose in achieving mutual success. By transitioning to 100% employee ownership, we are embracing the potency of collective ownership to cultivate a productive team and also reaffirming our commitment to cultivating lasting client relationships.”

The transition is expected to attract and retain top talent, improve job satisfaction, and foster a collaborative, innovative work environment. CriticalRiver’s move to become 100% employee-owned reflects its forward-thinking approach and dedication to creating a sustainable and prosperous future for its employees and stakeholders, enhancing its capability to serve clients as true partners in their journey.

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