Curve – Company Profile

A leading fintech startup, Curve is a debit and credit card aggregator. The company’s primary objective is to make payments a lot easier for customers who may be having multiple debit and credit cards. This is achieved via Curve’s dedicated payment card and its mobile app. Once registered with Curve, users need to carry only the Curve card, which can be used for all transactions. All debit and credit cards owned by a user can be loaded onto the Curve card via the company’s mobile app. Users can set the default card that they want to use for their payments or choose from the list every time they make a payment.

With a Curve card, users are entitled to a range of benefits such as cashback. The earned cashback is loaded in the app and is available for use via the virtual cash card. Users can also send money to friends and family. Another great feature is that users can change the card chosen to make a payment to another of their choice even after the transaction has been executed. This is available up to 90 days from when the payment was made. With Curve app, users can also track their spending.


The idea for Curve came to its founder Shachar Bialick when he noticed the hassles people faced when carrying and using multiple debit and credit cards. Not only it is difficult to manage multiple cards, but it also increases the risk of cards getting lost or stolen. Bialick wanted to simplify debit and credit card payments for people, for which, he subsequently launched Curve in 2015. With Curve, users just need to carry one card and one PIN in their mind. With its pioneering idea, Curve has attracted thousands of customers in UK and Ireland.


Curve has received investments worth USD 74.2 million via seven rounds of funding. Top investors include Gauss Ventures, Connect Ventures, Speedinvest, Breega, Upscale, Isomer Capital, Crowdcube and CreditEase Fintech Investment Fund.


Curve has not made any acquisitions in recent times. However, it may be open to possibilities that may arise in the future.


Curve competes with other firms such as Soldo, Paybase, Sagepay, Monese, N26, Pockit, and Revolut.

About the founder:

A serial entrepreneur, Shachar Bialick currently serves as the CEO of Curve. He is passionate about using technology in a way that could help improve lives. With Curve, he has realized his dream of simplifying financial management for people. His educational qualifications include BSc. in computer science, LL.B, B.A. in economics, and MBA from INSEAD.

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