DeSantis Re-Elected: What Does it Mean for Florida Sports Betting

The results of the midterm elections in 2022 are starting to come in, and whether punters like it or not, the betting markets already are starting to look forward to the campaign for the White House in 2024.

The victory of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis by a landslide on Tuesday night sent shock waves through election speculators and sent the governor above former President Donald Trump to the top of the betting odds. The votes were still being tabulated at the time.

“Incredible reversal in the odds for the presidential election in 2024 @RonDeSantisFL has taken the lead in the polls, passing Trump for the first time “Maxim Lott, who helped develop the website, made this statement.

The website of Lott compiles and aggregates live odds taken from a variety of election betting markets. The website currently gives DeSantis a 26.8% probability of winning the presidency in 2024, which is an 11.8% change in the chances in his favor over the course of only the last day. The chances of Trump successfully retaking the White House have dropped significantly, now standing at 18.4%.

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The betting chances of President Biden winning a second term are now around 15%, while the odds for other long-shot contenders are in the single digits.

Lott explained the dramatic swing in support for DeSantis by pointing to his victorious re-election campaign, in which he defeated the Democratic opponent Charlie Crist by a margin of almost 19 points.

Trump was passed by the governor of Florida “because DeSantis just won a ballot with an insane margin of twenty percent. To put it in perspective, he won his race in 2018 by a margin of only 0.4% “Lott stated. This means that the legal state of Florida sports betting looks promising, considering the views we’ve seen from the re-elected governor in the past, as well as statements he has shared immediately after being reinstated.

To quote Governor Desantis, “The State Understood Sports Betting Was An Unsolved Legal Matter.”

He was concerned that if the state didn’t reach an agreement with the Seminole Tribe, it would get no money.

The state, as promised by Gov. Ron DeSantis, was ready to go without a Gaming Compact when it was thrown out on Monday.

It was possible, he added during a news conference on Tuesday, and it was something they had considered.

DeSantis claimed that sports betting was included despite the fact that he was aware that if it wasn’t, it may be legalized without the state benefiting in any manner. DeSantis has admitted that he can only talk to the tribes directly. According to the new law that was implemented in 2018, I am prohibited from engaging in any other kind of gambling. It was a dig at the No Casinos amendment, whose supporters were challenging the Seminoles Tribe of Florida’s Gaming Compact in court. Voters in Florida would have to OK any new casinos under this proposal.

DeSantis stated his opinion on the basis that the state could negotiate an agreement with an autonomous American Indian tribe, and that the Tribe would have the means to get voter support if it so desired.

I felt very strongly that the Tribe’s Tampa casino is the most lucrative casino in the nation, and they were paying nothing to the state, so we were able to bargain with them,” DeSantis added. In other words, the state will benefit greatly from the agreement we just made. That’s what they wanted to do, so we let them. And I stated it because I think it would pass in a vote of the people.

Originally, the Tribe was supposed to provide $500 million a year to the state. As part of the agreement, the Tribe gained the only legal authority to operate sports betting through digital applications inside the home of the Miami Marlins.

The judge’s decision to nullify the agreement was based on the latter point. According to the court, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland should nullify the Compact because it is in violation of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

DeSantis said that the legality of sports betting was an open question. While he supported the Compact in principle, he shared state representative Randy Fine’s worry that the federal government wasn’t fighting to protect it in court.


Trump has not stopped dropping hints that he would start his campaign for the White House return as early as the next week. To achieve this goal, he has taken potshots at DeSantis, providing a sneak peek at the kinds of assaults he would launch if the governor of Florida were to mount a primary campaign against him in 2024. Last week, at a rally in Pennsylvania, President Trump gave Ron DeSantis a new moniker for the first time, dubbing him “Ron DeSanctimonious.” Then, on the day before the election, Trump issued an oblique threat to expose material on DeSantis that, in the event that he ran for office, might be harmful to him.


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