Digii and AWS Unveil DigiiAI, a Generative AI Solution, to Enhance Learning Outcomes and Student Success

Bengaluru | July 10, 2024: Digii, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Technology Partner, and AWS India Private Limited* have announced the introduction of “DigiiAI”, a digital solution which aims to transform the campus experience in education institutions by providing smarter, more efficient, and personalised solutions for students, teaching faculty, and administration. In its initial phase, DigiiAI will leverage generative artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline administrative tasks, enhance classroom management, and provide personalised support for faculty members. As part of the first cohort, Digii will offer DigiiAI for more than 1000 faculty members across 20 educational institutions in India, including leading institutions like Manipal Academy of BFSI, Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) Bangalore, Chanakya University, The Apollo University, and Techno India University, among others.

DigiiAI is aimed at addressing common challenges faced by faculty and students in educational institutions. For example, teaching faculty spend a lot of time on several administrative tasks such as taking attendance, preparing class schedules, documentation of course files and students’ performance, assessment creation and evaluation, among others. Digii has interacted with faculty members across more than 150 partner institutions to understand specific areas where generative AI could assist them and enable them to spend time and energy on more impactful academic endeavours. These interactions highlighted that while faculty members have frequently used AI platforms in a personal capacity, such usage gave generic responses and required repetitive manual processes. Further, these experiences did not adequately support Outcome-based Education (OBE) principles[1], adding to the challenges faced by educators.

The first use case that DigiiAI will prioritise for faculty members is the auto-creation of assessments. DigiiAI is designed to transform the faculty experience by completely streamlining the assessment creation process with just a few clicks, adding great ease to the faculty’s teaching experience. DigiiAI will prioritise the auto-creation of assessments for faculty in alignment with the outcome-based education framework. Faculty can select Bloom’s taxonomy[2] levels that will create questions best suited to desired learning outcomes, with diverse question formats readily available such as fill-in-the-blanks and multiple-choice questions, among others.

“The Techno India Group is dedicated to enhancing the quality of assessments to ensure optimal learning outcomes. With DigiiAI, our faculty can create more precise and effective evaluations, significantly enriching the educational experience for our students,” said Meghdut Roy Chowdhury, Executive Director & Chief Innovation Officer – Techno India Group.

“At Manipal Academy of BFSI, we are committed to delivering high-quality education at scale. The introduction of DigiiAI will significantly enhance our learning outcomes by providing our faculty with advanced tools to streamline their tasks and focus more on impactful teaching,” said Balasundaram Athreya, President & Head of Campus Operations, Manipal Academy of BFSI.

Digii has been able to successfully develop and launch DigiiAI in a short period of time by building it on Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed generative AI service from AWS that offers customers a choice of high-performing foundation models, and a broad set of security, privacy, and responsible AI capabilities. Using Amazon Bedrock has enabled Digii to experiment and evaluate top foundation models, and build a solution that meets the specific needs of Digii’s partner institutions in India.

“DigiiAI aims to transform the educational landscape by empowering educators with cutting-edge AI technology. Working together with AWS enables us to provide a personalized and impactful learning experience to faculty and students, fulfilling our commitment to advancing education through innovation,” said Hemant Sahal, Founder & CEO, Digii. “Building DigiiAI on AWS Bedrock was a seamless process, thanks to the exceptional support from the AWS technical team. This collaboration has allowed us to harness the power of multiple AI models effectively, ensuring a robust and scalable solution that enhances the teaching experience for faculty.”

“Education is one of the most disrupted sectors since the pandemic, with technology becoming key to managing operations, delivering curriculum, and enhancing student outcomes,” said Sunil PP, Lead – Channels and Alliances, Public Sector, AWS India Private Limited*. “Education institutions now have the opportunity to explore the potential of generative AI to enhance administration, empower faculty with better tools for teaching and assessment, and elevate the quality of interaction between faculty and students. We’re excited to see how DigiiAI can help faculty be more productive and develop better learning outcomes for students.”

Digii plans to further expand the use of AI to enhance the quality of education and student success, by exploring its benefits in use cases such as the auto-evaluation of answers to subjective questions, as well as offering adaptive assessments to learners for self-practice. This powerful collaboration between Digii and AWS marks a significant step towards the future of higher education, where AI can play a pivotal role in shaping effective and efficient educational practices.

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