New Delhi, 06 June, 2024: Undercounters are the heartbeat of every commercial kitchen. With the aim of revolutionizing this essential space-saving equipment, ELANPRO has introduced a new generation of UnderCounter Refrigerator that embodies innovative features capable of transforming kitchen efficiency.

Designed with the rigors of a professional culinary environment in mind, the new series of ELANPRO Undercounter Refrigerator is equipped with ingenious ‘pass-through double door’ feature that grants swift access of food items from both sides. The pioneering feature allows chefs and staff to operate seamlessly from every section, enhancing efficiency and streamlining kitchen operations with unparalleled ease.

ELANPRO Undercounter Refrigerator features cutting edge technology that offers unmatched flexibility and precision control. The new range is designed to provide food safety by maintaining consistent temperatures, preserving the quality and freshness of perishable items. The temperature can be adjusted between 2 degree Celsius to 8 degree Celsius using the digital control board. The product also minimizes temperature fluctuations which helps lock the food freshness and curb food waste. With ample storage capacity and exceptional convenience, Elanpro Undercounter is ideal for storing fruits, vegetables, gravy and milk products.

Built to withstand the demands of high-volume use, ELANPRO Undercounters are made of durable stainless steel ensuring years of dependable service in the busiest of kitchen settings. The product comes in a scratch resistant robust surface that can be used as an additional workstation. Offering a luxurious aesthetic and increased functionality, the product comes in double door and triple door variants.

In the dynamic commercial refrigeration space, ELANPRO Undercounter Refrigerator stands out as a pivotal force for sustainability. Rolled out under the company’s green range, the product saves energy to help combat climate change and engineered to reduce environmental impact. The product utilizes environmentally-friendly R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant. R290 refrigerant has outstanding thermodynamic properties and quickly absorbs heat, which, in turn, leads to faster temperature recovery. Also, it’s important to note that R290 is naturally occurring and possesses non-toxic properties that have made it one of the most climate-friendly and cost-efficient refrigerants available today.

ELANPRO’s innovative Undercounter is aimed to boost kitchen organization and workflow efficiency in full-service restaurants, bakeries and other food service establishments. The innovative equipment is compact and fits seamlessly into tight spaces. With its impressive performance and versatility, this product is also suited for cloud kitchens catering to various food delivery apps.

The new generation of Undercounter Refrigerator by Elanpro shows an uncompromising focus on the needs of modern chefs. The company is extending its entire green commercial line engineered for durability, performance and efficiency at Elanpro Experience Centers. The new eco-friendly range comes with a guarantee of five years and a range of flexible finance options, including 0% finance and buy now, pay later. To know more visit Elanpro Experience Center or

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