Discover the majesty of Rajasthan at Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh resort

Bengaluru, 2 May 2024: Nestled amidst the beautiful Aravalli Hills, Kumbhalgarh is a historical marvel boasting the world’s second-longest wall after the Great Wall of China. Along the rich history and cultural heritage of this captivating destination in Rajasthan, stands the luxurious Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh resort. Offering the wonderful experience of the majestic fortress, and marveling at its architectural wonders, members can find themselves being surrounded by the stunning panoramic vistas that envelop them. The unique royal surrounding of this resort makes it a must-visit destination. Club Mahindra Kumbahalgarh is an ode to history which is a journey to discover.

Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh Resort ensures a stay steeped in comfort and opulence. With 69 rooms the resort offers an array of luxurious accommodations tailored to one’s needs. From spacious rooms adorned with elegant furnishings to private balconies offering beautiful views of the Aravalli Hills, every corner of the resort is designed to provide guests with an experience filled with relaxation and indulgence. The resort features two restaurants: Jeeman and BBQ Bay. Jeeman offers multi-cuisine dining with buffet and a la carte service, offering signature dishes like Laal Maas, Methi Murgh, Ker Sangari Malai Ghevar, and Rajasthani thali. While the BBQ Bay, the specialty restaurant, overlooking the Aravali hills, offers Indian Barbeque meals with live cooking and tableside grilling. Additionally, there’s the option for Maharaja-Maharani dining on the terrace for special occasions.

The resort has a bouquet of experiences to keep the members engaged during their stay. From soothing spa treatments to thrilling outdoor adventures like high rope courses and archery, there’s something for everyone. Delight in pottery-making workshops and unwind in the spacious indoor activity zone. Explore the charm of rural village life with guided treks or embark on an E-Bike tour to scenic locales. And as the day winds down, immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan with traditional folk dances and puppet shows. Your journey at Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh promises to be an unforgettable fusion of luxury, adventure, and cultural immersion.

Explore beyond the resort’s borders and discover the rich tapestry of history and culture that surrounds Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh. Join guided tours to iconic landmarks like the majestic Kumbhalgarh Fort, the intricately carved Ranakpur Jain Temple, the sacred Shrinath Ji Temple, and marvel at the towering Statue of Belief in Nathdwara, standing tall at 369 feet as a tribute to Shiva. Whether you’re seeking romance, family bonding, or thrilling adventures, the resort ensures a memorable experience that resonates long after your stay.

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