Do Rich People Live Longer?

If the findings of a recent study are to be believed, then the answer is ‘yes’. Not only do rich people live longer, but they also enjoy better health in their old age. The findings were applicable to both rich men and women. The study involved an extensive examination of data sets of more than 25,000 people in US and UK. The study was conducted by researchers from leading educational institutions such as Harvard University and University College London.

Key findings

The study noted that wealthy women over 50 years of age enjoyed 33 disability-free years. This is around 8-9 years more, as compared to poor women. In case of rich men over 50, the disability-free years were 31. This again is 8-9 years more, as compared to poor men. For the purpose of this study, people were classified based on their average wealth. In US, those with $29,000 were categorized as poor, those with $180,000 were middle group and the ones with $980,000 and more were taken as the rich class.

Why rich people live longer?

The next big question that comes to mind is why rich people live longer and enjoy better health. Well, there are several reasons for this, some of which are described below.

Access to better medical facilities – This is obvious, as the rich can access the most advanced medical facilities. They can also consult the best doctors and nutritionists that may be available. The rich can afford regular health checkups that can help spot signs of illness in advance. Such things may not be available to poor people.

Health awareness – Wealthy people are usually more knowledgeable about their health needs and health risks. They are likely to eat healthy food and have a regular exercise regime such as walking, jogging, swimming, etc. In comparison, the poor are often unaware of the health risks.

Higher IQ – The rich usually have higher IQ, which means that they are smarter than the common man. While this helps them create wealth, it also allows them to take better decisions regarding their health. An intelligent person can better understand their health problems and comply with the recommendations provided by their doctor. In comparison, a poor person with low IQ may not be able to take the right health decisions.

Last but not least, rich people have less stress. It’s usually thought that the rich have more stress, but that’s not the case. In reality, stress is more in people who are in the poor to middle class income group. Low income levels can lead to insecurity, which in turn gives rise to stress and anxiety. In comparison, the rich are mentally and emotionally tougher and don’t have insecurities related to money.

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