Do you know which EV companies are helping build the EV Charging infrastructure?

World EV Day 2022:

Observed globally on 9th September, World EV Day is a celebration of clean mobility and sustainable auto industry development. As of FY22, 21,821 EVs have been sold, making up 0.7% of the market and we definitely see the numbers rising in the near future. The Government of India has introduced helpful initiatives for the growth of EV infrastructure and increasing adoption like FAME and more.

With each year comes in new EV players who bring innovations and development to the industry and accelerate the growth and here are 5 such companies, providing their revolutionary services:

1. ChargeEZ – Based out of Bangalore, ChargeEZ is a destination EV charging platform that not only provides charging services but also manufactures their own chargers that users may access through the EZ app and is helping build the EV infrastructure, providing a safe and accessible environment.

2. EVRE – The brand EVRE works towards equipping cities with smart and sustainable EV charging infrastructure and help people make the EV switch with ease and confidence. They are EV charger OEMs and charging Infra developers with the ‘greener planet’ vision.

3. YoCharge – With the goal to make charging of EVs easy, safe, reliable, and cost-effective, YoCharge is an EV charging station solutions & service company working towards creating a platform to enable participation in the electric mobility ecosystem.

4. Volttic EV Charging Solution – Developing smart, safe & robust EV charging network, this company provides automated unmanned cloud based EV charging network with a customer friendly charging app to enhance user experience.

5. Magenta – This fast-growing brand is an integrated clean energy and electric mobility solutions provider that specializes in building smart solutions that support e-mobility and sustainability goals.

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