Costa Rica is one of the most famous tourists destinations worldwide with plenty to offer, from adventure to white sandy beaches with a tropical vibe. Interestingly, it is also number four of the most famous destinations among travel insurance buyers. Costa Rica mandates tourists to have international travel medical insurance to visit the country. Here is more that you need to know.

Travel insurance requirements for costa Rica

When traveling abroad, you should keep in mind that your domestic insurance may provide little or no coverage. There is always the probability of sickness or injury during your trip, which is where comprehensive travel insurance comes in. Since the covid 19 pandemic, the Costa Rica government has required all inbound unvaccinated visitors to have:

  • At least $50,000 in coverage for medical costs, including covid 19.
  • $2000 in coverage for quarantine expenses due to covid 19 while in costa Rica. This should cover lodging costs if you test positive for covid 19 and require quarantine services that may prevent you from returning home as scheduled.

Fully vaccinated tourists and those under 18 do not require the aforementioned coverage when traveling to Costa Rica. Tourists can choose any costa Rica health insurance for visitors that offers such benefits.

Healthcare in Costa Rica

The general medical care in Costa Rica is of a high standard. The country provides universal healthcare to all its citizens, but it is chargeable to foreigners. High-quality private healthcare is also accessible to foreigners. Expats with temporary or permanent residency status can get Healthcare services in the national clinics and hospitals run by Caja. But those who do not have residency permits can use private Health insurance or pay out of pocket.

If you are exploring Costa Rica in the short term (less than a year), having travel insurance is best but ensure you read the terms and conditions to ensure it covers all your essentials.

Paying Healthcare costs out of your pocket can be draining, so it’s crucial to arm yourself with travel insurance to cover such costs.

No one thinks about getting ill in a foreign country, but unfortunately, it happens, and you have to seek medical care. If you have preexisting medical conditions, the more reason to have travel insurance that covers the treatment and medication costs.

Other medical benefits of travel insurance

Other than the covid 19 coverage, there are plenty of other reasons to buy travel insurance when visiting costa Rica. Many tourists visit costa Rica for adventure sports, including ziplining through dense jungles, volcanic treks through dense forest, and surfing the waves on the pacific coast. Therefore coverage for medical emergencies is essential.

Having Costa Rica travel insurance means that you can access high-quality healthcare or treatment whether you fall sick during your travel or bump your head during one of the adventure sports you undertake. It could mean the difference between paying an arm and a leg for medical care or quickly accessing a surgeon even in the remote part of the country.

Therefore Costa Rica travel insurance not only gets you the treatment you need but also prevents you from having a mountain of bills to settle after treatment. If you are a thrill-seeker and love adrenaline sports, you have more reason to have comprehensive travel insurance.

It also covers medical evacuation.

Although Costa Rica healthcare is one of the best globally, having travel insurance covers the worst-case scenarios when you need to travel for care. For instance, if you are stuck in a remote area in costa Rica and end up falling sick or suffering an injury, travel insurance that covers medical evacuation can save your life.

The coverage facilitates your transport expenses to the best nearest health facility where you can get the treatment you need. Otherwise, it could cost you more out-of-pocket money to get the much-needed treatment.

Other benefits

Other than healthcare coverage, travel insurance offers additional benefits, including:

  • Trip cancellation coverage for reasons covered in the insurance.
  • Accommodation cover.
  • Personal accident and liability.
  • Expenses if your trip is canceled or delayed.
  • Trip interruption coverage, for instance, when natural disasters happen during your visit.
  • Baggage insurance, for example, when you lose your luggage at the airport.
  • Legal expenses.
  • Cutting short your holiday.

Tips for applying for international insurance for Costa Rica

  • Ensure it covers everything relevant to your trip.
  • Read the terms before signing.
  • Evaluate the size of global networks of hospitals and doctors that participate in health insurance.
  • Check for protection against travel failure.
  • Please keep copies of your policy to access information and contact numbers whenever you need them during your travel.
  • Ensure it covers any preexisting conditions you have.
  • Compare differences in coverage and out-of-pocket costs.
  • Evaluate the insurer’s reputation and service.


Yes, it is wise to apply for international insurance before traveling to Costa Rica.

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