Does Google Check Spelling & Grammar To Determine Search Ranking?

Anyone with a blog or website tries their best to avoid any type of spelling and grammatical mistakes in their text. However, despite our best efforts, sometimes errors give us the slip and get published. So, what happens when search engines like Google, Bing, etc. come across such spelling and grammatical mistakes? Do they immediately tag it as problematic and lower search rankings? While search engines have not provided any definitive answers, here are some things we need to understand in regards to impact of spelling and grammar on search rankings.

A few typos won’t matter – Even with multiple rounds of editing by different people, sometimes mistakes can still be found in published text. If there are just a couple of mistakes in a standard sized blog of around 1000 words, it is unlikely to impact Google search result rankings. If the editors have missed it, then it is likely that search engines will also find it difficult to spot.

Confusing text – While google does not necessarily check spelling & grammar, it is definitely looking for content that is relevant and useful in relation to the user query. If your content is not making any sense, it is likely that Google will start to ignore it. Google may not specifically check spelling and grammar, but it can definitely flag content that seems unreadable.

Too many mistakes – Search engines like Google try to provide the best possible results in relation to a search query. It is apparent that they cannot afford to show results that have garbled text. If there are way too many mistakes in your content, it is likely that the page will be rated down by search engines.

Regional language variations – When it comes to spelling and grammar, there are variations based on how a specific language has evolved in particular geography. Moreover, there are thousands of slang words and phrases that are unique to a specific region. Due to these variations in language, search engines like Google do not use a dedicated platform to assess spelling and grammar for search rankings.

It is clear from above that Google may not penalize your content for a few mistakes on the page. It can also be seen that there is no specific tool to focus exclusively on checking spelling and grammar. The main things that matter for search engines is relevant information in relation to a searched query and easy readability. As long as your content meets these requirements, you can get away with a few typos.

But do try to avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes as much as possible. It will help present yourself in a professional manner and build trust among your audience. Search engines will also appreciate the efforts and may give the page higher search rankings.

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