Do’s And Don’ts For Foreign Portfolio Investors


When creating an investment portfolio, diversification is the most trusted strategy for success. An intriguing approach to diversification involves foreign portfolio investment (FPI). Here, investors hold securities and other assets in another country. Typically, these investments include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds. Today, India’s primary and secondary financial markets have become accessible. Both domestic and international investors are trading in Indian markets. Platforms like Zerodha, Shoonya by Finvasia, Upstox, Groww, etc. has been crucial to this. Indian indices have gained popularity among foreign portfolio investors since 2018. The year saw 600 new investment funds registered with SEBI. FPIs also pumped in INR 21,350 crore in the country’s primary market between April and August this year.

Foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) are important for moving money between different countries. This helps economies grow by making investments diverse. New-age investment platforms facilitate FPIs to invest in equities, derivatives, bonds, and contracts. A prime example is Shoonya by Finvasia. It is one of the fastest growing online trading platforms in India.

For FPIs, navigating overseas markets can be both exciting and challenging. Here is a helpful guide for new FPIs that will help you make smart decisions and earn more money:


Conduct Thorough Research: Before entering a new market, conduct a thorough research. Understand the factors that may affect investments. These include the country’s economic and political stability, regulatory framework, and market trends. Understand the specific risks and opportunities associated with investing in that particular market.

Seek Professional Guidance: Consult financial advisors and experts specializing in foreign markets. Seek their professional guidance. They have knowledge to guide you through foreign regulations, find good investments, and manage risk well. Alternatively, you can onboard a new age trading platform as your investment partner.

Diversify Your Portfolio: Diversification is key to mitigating risk and enhancing overall returns. Investors must spread their investments across different asset classes, industries, and geographies. This helps minimise exposure to any single market or sector.

Stay Informed: Know the newest market changes, economic signs, and political happenings. These factors can affect your investments. Investors can stay informed by regularly monitoring market trends and news. They can then make better decisions and adjust strategies accordingly.

Seek Local Expertise: Local market experts understand the foreign market chosen for investing. Leverage their knowledge and insights. Their guidance can prove invaluable in identifying undervalued assets and navigating regulatory hurdles


Invest Without Understanding: Never make investment decisions based on limited information. Always fully comprehend the risks involved. Thorough research and professional guidance are essential to make informed choices.

Overlook Regulatory Requirements: Know the investment rules for your target market. Failure to comply with local regulations can lead to financial penalties and legal complications.

Chase Short-Term Gains: Investors should avoid chasing short-term market fluctuations or get-rich-quick schemes. Successful FPIs require a long-term investment horizon and a focus on fundamentals.

Ignore Currency Fluctuations: Be mindful of currency risks. They may impact investment returns. It is an indispensable part of a foolproof investment strategy. Adopt hedging strategies to mitigate the effects of currency fluctuations.

Underestimate Emotional Factors: Investing in foreign markets may be emotionally challenging. Cultural differences and language barriers may pose hurdles in your financial journey. Investors must prioritise staying disciplined, focusing on investment objectives. They must also avoid making impulsive decisions based on emotions.


FPIs can succeed in long-term investments by following these guidelines in foreign markets. These do’s and don’ts will help them navigate complexities with confidence and prudence. Foreign portfolio investing requires research, professional guidance, and a clear investment strategy. This helps investors navigate risks and opportunities. India’s primary market continues to gain traction from foreign investors. This is driving capital flow towards the country. Platforms like Upstox, Angel One, Zerodha, Shoonya by Finvasia, and Groww give FPIs easy access to India’s financial markets. These platforms will be important for India’s economic growth in the time to come.

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