Double toned or full cream milk – What should you be drinking?

With people becoming more health conscious, one question that often pops up is whether to drink double toned milk or full cream milk. Various research studies have led to varied results, some in favor of healthy double toned milk whereas others indicating the goodness of the best full cream milk. However, if we look at the big picture, we can easily see that the type of milk we need to choose will depend on specific circumstances, our age and our bodily disposition. Here’s how:

Full cream milk for toddlers and growing children:– If we talk about toddlers, then the first choice would be the best full cream milk.This is because full fat milk contains ample amounts of fats and proteins that toddlers need for their growth and development. The same can be said about growing children, since they too need plenty of fats and proteins for their natural growth and development. However, since abnormal weight gain has been observed among toddlers as well as growing children, one needs to check for this before choosing the type of milk. In case there are indications of abnormal weight gain or obesity, then one can consult a pediatrician.

Milk choices for adults: – Young adults to middle-aged people can opt for the best full cream milk, provided that they do not have any medical conditions such as high cholesterol issues. Being overweight or obese is another factor that would influence the choice of milk among adults. A simple method would be to experiment with both types of milk for around 3 to 6 months each to see which one works better for you. If you are calorie conscious, then you should probably opt for healthy double toned milk. For older adults, it is recommended that a medical practitioner or dietician be consulted, since possibility of medical complications increases with age.

Taste and price also matter: – For many people, the choice for the type of milk also depends on its taste. For example, some people prefer the rich, creamy taste of the best full cream milk, whereas others appreciate the light smoothness of healthy double toned milk. There is also the group that looks at the price to make its choices. Double toned milk is usually priced less, as compared to full cream milk, which many people rely upon to make their choices about the type of milk. However, price alone cannot be said to be a good distinguishing criteria. It’s recommended that you should rather make your decisions based on your nutritional needs.

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