Dr. Mohammed Khan on board to aid the developmental voyage of Fujairah International Airport.

Khans Media City and Dr. Mohammed Khan are two illustrious names, while scrutinizing the cultural development of UAE. His prodigious contributions were acknowledged by the Government of UAE with an appreciation certificate, on the National Day of UAE. Following the same, he had received honours from several State Authorities. Last day, he received a red carpet welcome at the Fujairah International Airport, by H.E. Mohamed Abdullah Bin Sultan Al salami, the UAE Federal Council member and Aviation Authority Chairman along with other dignitaries from the Aviation and Airport authorities.

As the Airport is undergoing important renovation works, Khans Media City and Dr. Khan was also invited to meet and assist the team, to discuss the upcoming developments in the aviation sector. Being Fujairah’s first, The airport authorities have vast plans to augment the infrastructure, which includes a second runway, 900m extension to the existing runway, rehabilitation of the existing runway, a new iconic ATC Tower and a new Fire and Rescue Sub-station. It also eyes at the commercial development of south side of the airport, and introduce a new Airlines called Fujairah Air. In the meeting which lasted for hours, special references were made regarding the charting of international flights from and about inflight magazines and inflight entertainments of Fujairah Air.

Being an International brand and media strategist, Dr Mohammed Khan has contributed immeasurably to various projects in UAE as well as other countries. Himself and Khans Media City has been a veteran in media, events and Promotions for leading airlines, airports and aviation sectors in the past years. An expert in In-flight Entertainment and editor & publisher of some leading in-flight Magazines, Dr Khan is an exceptionally talented professional as he has successfully handled one of the leading airline companies in the world.

Fujairah, also called as the ‘Arabian Jewel’ is famous for its natural amusements and magnificent weather. This forthcoming development will be a milestone in the history of Middle East’s Aviation Sector, and is expected to be complete by 2023.

Athira Sreekumar

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