Dreaming of an Asian culture & arts market reorganised by Korea and India

– Signing of a memorandum of understanding between Korean Cultural Centre India (KCCI) and Asian Arts Management Association (AAMA) for cultural and artistic exchanges between Korea and India

-Preparation for cooperative projects such as Korea-India contemporary art exchange exhibitions, art forums, art fairs, biennales, and art residencies programme

Korean Cultural Centre India (KCCI) and Korea-based Asian Arts Management Association (AAMA) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on 28th March 2024. This MOU will primarily focus on future-oriented friendly cooperation related to arts and culture and will recognise the need for shared growth through cultural and artistic exchanges between Korea & India.

Through this agreement, the two organizations will carry out various programme to build a cultural and artistic network between Korea and India through various contents and platforms such as Korea-India Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition, Asia Art Forum, Asia Biennale, Korea-India Art Residency Exchange Program, and Korea Special Exhibition in India Art Fair.

After signing the MOU at the KCCI, Asian Arts Management Association, and India Art Fair had three-way talks in the presence of Mr. Saurabh Wasson, Director of Exhibitor, India Art Fair to develop cooperative programme such as Korean special exhibition at next year’s India Art Fair.

Asian Arts Management Association has been conducting an exchange exhibition titled “Jeju, Drawing Asia” of representative Asian artists on Jeju Island in Korea since 2017. It has also successfully held a contemporary art exhibition [Jeju, Focusing on Asia] for the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and China in 2022. These achievements are evaluated as Korea has laid the foundation for serving as a hub for Asian culture and arts.

Mr. Park Chul-hee, CEO of Asian Arts Management Association (AAMA) said, “India is a country with a lot of potential to play the biggest role in the development of Asian culture & arts, and Korea’s advanced culture and arts can support India in its growth.

“Asian Arts Management Association will plan and operate various events related to culture and arts with Korean Cultural Centre India after the signing of this MOU, and it will serve India & Korea to advance beyond Asia and into the world by unleashing the cultural, artistic, and economic potential of India which is the gemstone of a shining gem,” Mr Park added.

Hwang Il Yong, Director of Korean Cultural Centre India said, “Through a MOU relation with Asian Arts Management Association, which has the content and network of Korea’s sophisticated art & culture field, we will refine the Indian art & culture market, which is a gemstone that has not yet been processed by Korea.

“We hope India to be introduced as a market where Korean art & cultural content can flow in. Once Korea and India can join forces through active exchange of art and cultural content, I think it will be possible for two countries to lead the art and culture market not only in Asia but the world beyond Asia,” Mr Hwang added.

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