EaseMyTrip announces exclusive offer for corporate clients, introduces a 20-day credit period for listed companies

The brand will give a 20-day credit period to listed companies in its corporate clientele to facilitate seamless payments

New Delhi, March 15, 2024: EaseMyTrip.com, one of India’s leading online travel tech platforms, announces an exclusive offer for its corporate clientele. The brand will provide a 20-day credit period to all listed companies to complete payments for their travel bookings, empowering them with greater financial flexibility and convenience. This strategic move will facilitate seamless payments and streamline the transactional process for the involved parties.

With a 20-day window, the extended credit period will enable listed companies to manage their cash flows better while accessing EaseMyTrip’s wide array of travel and related services. To avail this offer, the companies will have to provide EaseMyTrip with a future-dated cheque. For corporate bookings, clients can use the link: https://www.easemytrip.com/corporate

Mr. Nishant Pitti, CEO & Co-Founder, EaseMyTrip, said, “We value our relationship with clients and strive to cater to their unique needs. By introducing a 20-day credit period, we aim to relieve the financial burden on the listed companies and facilitate smoother travel planning experiences and seamless payment processes for them. Simultaneously, this will serve as an opportunity for us to expand our business in the corporate division and attract more listed companies to our corporate clientele portfolio. This offer stands as a testament to our customer-centric approach and our concerted efforts to strengthen our relationship with them through innovative offerings, exclusive offers, and differentiated initiatives.”

EaseMyTrip’s corporate travel division offers specially curated programmes featuring corporate rates, volume discounts, and loyalty rewards. Additionally, the brand’s self-booking tool, leveraging new-age technologies, enables seamless booking experiences for corporates. The initiative to extend the credit period is aligned with EaseMyTrip’s commitment to providing innovative and customer-centric offerings to its clients and meeting the evolving needs of the business travel segment.

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