École Ducasse Paris Studio presents its exclusive bespoke gourmet workshops for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

India, 17th April 2024

On the occasion of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, École Ducasse – Paris Studio proudly unveils a series of unique culinary workshops,
specifically designed to introduce French gastronomy and Alain Ducasse’s culinary philosophy to companies and their guests from around the world during this exceptional global event. Nestled in warm and recently renovated premises at the heart of Paris’s prestigious
arrondissement, the school offers a unique opportunity for an immersion into in the art of French cuisine and pastry-making, accompanied by expert chefs.

Culinary experiences designed for companies and their guests

In the spirit of sharing and excellence advocated by Alain Ducasse, the teams have developed four outstanding culinary experiences
offered in English and French, providing a unique opportunity to celebrate French culture:

Alain Ducasse bistro cuisine (1h45, €99 excl. VAT per person): A workshop that transports you to the world of Alain
Ducasse bistros. It begins with one hour of preparation of a traditional dish inspired by the menus served in these establishments, followed by 45 minutes of tasting, accompanied by a coffee with a selection of delectable treats prepared by our pastry chef.

All about macarons (1h30, €79 excl. VAT per person): Immerse yourself in the sweet world of macaroons. After an hour
of practical instruction, you’ll taste your creations along with a little bowl of cider, for a deliciously friendly moment.

Picnic hamper in Paris (1h30, €69 excl. VAT per person): Prepare a chic French-style picnic from A to Z, including a
typical French sandwich and dessert. Then take your gourmet hamper away for a relaxing moment by the Seine and an authentic Parisian experience.

Wine and cheese pairing (2h, €109 excl. VAT per person): Explore the perfect harmony that exists between French cheeses
and wines. Discover memorable pairings designed by Alain Ducasse under the guidance of our head sommelier in our exclusive wine cellar.

In addition to these exclusive formats for the Paris Games, the École Ducasse – Paris Studio continues to offer its catalog
of gourmet events. These include a variety of cooking and pastry-making classes lasting from two to four hours; two-and-a-half-hour participatory cocktail workshops; three- to four-hour team cooking challenges; as well as two-hour wine-tasting sessions. The
team offers a range of bespoke, turnkey packages to ensure that every event is unique and meets every need.

An immersion into French
art de vivre

Available exclusively during the Olympic Games period, these formats are an exceptional opportunity to immerse oneself in French
gastronomy and enrich the Games experience with a touch of refinement and expertise.

For companies, these training courses are a unique opportunity to offer their employees and customers an enriching cultural
and culinary experience, which will make an unforgettable addition to their stay in Paris during the 2024 Olympics.

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